Firing Squad: Shattered Horizon Review

Firing Squad writes: "40 years in the future, an explosive mining catastrophe causes billions of tons of rock to separate from the Moon and settle into orbit around the Earth. Thousands of scientists, miners, and other astronauts are stranded on the far side of what is called the Arc, an enormous field of debris surrounding the planet. With no chance for rescue or further resupply, war breaks out between the miners responsible for the incident and the scientists whose duty is to bring them to justice. In the fight for survival over remaining resources, who will prevail?

Okay, so the back story isn't the greatest, nor does it make the most sense… All you really need to know is the International Space Agency and the Moon Mining Cooperative don't like each other. In Shattered Horizon, the PC-exclusive debut from Futuremark Games Studio, you can take part in the conflict!"

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