4.0 Zombie Tycoon Review says the following:

"It took me a little over 3.5 hours to complete this game from start to finish. And in that time I collected 97% of the items. I don't think I will ever go back and get those last few items, but this doesn't mean I didn't have fun playing it. It is hard to look past some of the technical issues and the occasional level restart due to bad checkpoints. So I would truly only get this if you are a fan of RTS games."

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Bereaver3274d ago

Soooo..... he said it isn't so bad, but only gave it a 20/100 or a 2/5.... I mean..... lol

Relientk773274d ago

I dont think im getting this game

and to the guy above me, 2/5 is 40% aka 40/100