TouchGen Review: DOOM Classic

TouchGen writes: "id release their FPS Horror classic, and like a fine wine this vintage seems to get better with age…

Watching id play with the iPhone and iPod Touch as a gaming platform is almost exciting as watching their progress back in the day during the creation of their now legendary FPS games. After each Appstore release they creep closer and closer to finding the ingredients to the perfect FPS experience for players of Apple's iDevices.

With Wolfenstein 3D they experimented with various schemes, each not quite working to full potential, but good enough not to break the original experience to the point of frustration (a problem that continues to plague Machine Works' port of Duke Nukem 3D). Next was DOOM Resurrection, an experiment that took the forward and back motion control away from the player, in favour of an on rails shooter with great results in both immersion and action, but still falling short of delivering the full FPS experience."

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