List of Modern Warfare 2 Playlists With Party Chat

It has been confirmed that you can NOT Party Chat in all Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Playlists. You may still Party Chat in these Playlists however.

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jhooty143270d ago

may some explain to me why you can not party chat in all other ones?

IW make me mad hulk smash!!!

Crazed3270d ago

I think the reason Infinity Ward is doing this is to prevent cheating.

Winter47th3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Because coordination makes them feel insecure.
Cheating my as$, if they really give a crap they'd fix their two year old glitches.

rdgneoz33270d ago

3 playlists you can, and 11 you can't... That is dumb as hell. And to 1.1, if it was for cheating, why can you party chat in Mercenary Team Deathmatch and not Team Deathmatch or Hardcore Team Deathmatch?

PrimordialSoupBase3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Because you can't join friends in Mercenary.
This is demented. Party chat exists as an insta mute against all the retards who normal people have no interest in hearing. This is just another heap of bullsh*t on a long list from IW/Activision.

And cheating, really? Who cares?

Make an MLG playlist and keep this restriction there.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213270d ago

@ rdgneoz3

because you join mercenary team deathmatch as a party so therefore the chances of you playing mercenary team deathmatch with friends is slim to none.

edit: PrimordialSoupBase, you beat me to it...

DERKADER3270d ago

I can see why IW decided to do it but if the people who really use it to cheat can just use the good old telephone/cellphone or team speak on PC. Now when talking to my friends I have to listen to other peoples bs instead of just having a conversation with my friends. They just turned XBL into PSN.

peeps3270d ago

"Now when talking to my friends I have to listen to other peoples bs instead of just having a conversation with my friends. They just turned XBL into PSN."

muting the other ppl on ur team takes less time to do than setting up a party chat lol

there is nothing bad about this at all lol sure ppl could still find other ways to cheat such as teamspeak, but it's a lot more effort than it being readily available for all 360 users. come to think of it s&d musta sucked for cod4 on the 360! surely with every1 in party chat every1 would be telling each other where ppl were when they were dead!

SH3MRON3270d ago

Why no party chat on team death match I understand on HC headquarters or S&D but now my friends and I can't talk Spanish without some idiot kids saying to use racist stuff (some ignorant people call us speak, mexican and other stuff like that or just start yelling random stuff) We are from Puerto Rico and we used it to talk among ourselves. Now one of the best services of Live is gonna go down the drain.

ID IR A G 0 N3270d ago

its pretty dumb that the only game modes that allow party chat are the game modes that dont allow you to play with a party. iw doesnt seem to be using thier heads

Ausbo3270d ago

if i want to chat with my friends who are in a different game? Can i chat with them?

MrFoobs3270d ago

Firstly, it's called 'ghosting', it's been done in PC games for years in public servers.
Secondly, why didn't they just make it so you couldn't see the other team when you're dead ffs? o_O

ShadowCK3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

No chat in team death match?

Having it in TDM is retarded. I'm sorry but who's bright idea was that? Maybe I have friends who play on different games? Multiplayer gets boring when you've only got some squeaky kid and an MLG wannabe to talk to. In fact I don't even want to get into what it's like being in a game with those types of people.

I'm not buying this anymore. Go to hell Infinity Ward.

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ASSASSYN 36o3270d ago

This game was not on my immediate to get lists. But I will gladly wait for the universal game type party chat function that will be patched later. It is inevitable. Point is. I don't want to talk to anyone but my friends in all game types.

neonlight453270d ago

can someone give me further explanation because I don't really understand

FantasyStar3270d ago

I'm guessing that if the game detects you're in Party Chat when you enter one of the 11 playlists...

1. You'll be forced into Game Chat
2. You'll be forcibly disconnected from the Party
3. You'll be forbidden to enter that playlist until you leave the party.

FantasyStar3270d ago

This stops nothing, all you do is set up a road block. People still use Skype and anything outside of XBL. All IW is doing is punishing people for really no reason and only provides a neat distraction until enough people get fed up and a patch is later released to undo all the harm.

swiftshot933270d ago

lol my friends are gonna be so pissed

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