Win 7: The Last Major Windows Release?

PC Mag writes: "Believe it or not, I have been to the launch of every version of Microsoft Windows. Some have been spectacular, like the Windows 95 launch in Seattle that featured Jay Leno, and the launch of the first Windows in New York City, which offered something of gala-like atmosphere. The New York launch of Windows XP, on the other hand, occurred just after the September 11th attacks, and was, not surprisingly, comparatively subdued.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I flew to New York City two weeks ago to attend the Windows 7 launch. The event, it turns out, fell somewhere in the middle. It wasn't as flashy as the Leno event, but it was a lot more upbeat than the Windows XP launch. My colleagues at PCMag covered the event extensively, but I wanted to weigh on something that the media missed in the shuffle."

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Elven63269d ago

Regarding "cloud", I sure hope not! The idea of having all my data stored remotely might be convenient but,

1. What happens if the cloud is down?
2. What happens if the cloud loses data, is hacked, etc?
3. Read company privacy policies now, can you imagine how things would be in "the cloud"?!?!?

Saaking3269d ago

MS is probably already working on the next OS. It's what keeps them alive.

Elven63269d ago

They are, infact, they announced Windows 8 was in development a few months ago. The issue the article brings up is the form future Windows iterations will take, how they will compete, etc.

TheIneffableBob3269d ago

Clouds can fail (see: T-Mobile Sidekick) but as long as there is a lot of redundancy, they should be fairly reliable. If Microsoft does make a cloud OS, then there will likely be an option to mirror your data onto a hard drive.

Reibooi3269d ago

A semi informative article here but they really didn't do their research. Microsoft already announced windows 8 is in development. Now it may be possible that windows 8 may be that last major release but that remains to be seen and won't be known for years to come.

At this point I am interested to see what MS can do for windows 8. Windows 7 is great and is a great leap from Vista and if they keep up that trend with 8 then they will probably be able to keep going even past 8.

HolyOrangeCows3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

LOL! Yeah, right!

They will probably make Windows 8 a piece of junk like with Vista; taking features out from the last version, making it eat power like crazy.....and then release Windows 9 and the media will praise it and forget all about Windows 8, just like they're doing with Windows 7.

From a business prospective, Microsoft is freaking genius.

Arnon3269d ago

Yes... companies love wasting resources and millions of dollars. They obviously make them so they fail, oh... and if you didn't know, Vista only requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM, while 7 has a minimum of 1 GB. Also, when Vista SP2 was released, it made it EXTREMELY stable.

thereapersson3269d ago

People think their data is safe, until the servers are hit by a major catastrophe. Just look at what happened to Danger and their Sidekick servers, for example.

dirthurts3269d ago

They where working on windows 8 long before windows 7 came out.
They had already talked about future 128 bit os' there is something out there.
It will probably be a few years though.

frostypants3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

The "cloud" (can we just call it the internet?) is only as reliable as one's internet connection. If one mirrors their data/apps locally (which would absolutely be necessary for most people), what's the point of accessing that stuff from the "cloud" in the first place? Having a device powerful enough to effectively act as a point of redundancy seems like it would defeat one of the fundamental purposes of cloud computing...

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KionicWarlord2223269d ago 7 is great .

Wonder what`s going be in win 8 ....

Arnon3269d ago

It better be 64-bit & 128-bit only. Enough with supporting 20 year old technology. Time to move forward.

Gago3269d ago

windows 7 is a great OS

they won't need to make another for a long time

ckane153269d ago

To much money in it for microsoft you would think for all the people who bought vista because it was so crap microsoft should of had a cheaper upgrade for those users

Unending Punishment3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Very few people actually bought Vista, the majority of them got it with a new PC.

And honestly, I liked Vista. But it needed a new PC to run at its best, people who tried to install it on aging machines and then complained that Aero was sluggish should've known better.


I'm not saying that nobody bought retail upgrade or full licensed versions. Those who got Windows Vista on its own either were building a new PC for it or were going to use it on their existing PC.

The minimum specs would add up to a system from 2002...I've tried a similar config with xp, Vista, and 7. 7 runs the best out of all of them, with Vista being the worst experience. It's not bad, but it's certainly not worth buying a copy of Vista to upgrade to.

Tony P3269d ago


Kind of misses the point of misrepresenting your product with double talk and duplicity.

"Vista capable", anyone?

Unending Punishment3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yeah you're right. Microsoft totally took the wrong route with their Windows Experience Index and their Vista Capable/Premium Ready logos. People who bought Vista capable logo PCs would be stuck with Vista Basic, and would often be sold the Home Premium upgrade by the salesmen who sold the PC. Then they'd take it all home and try to get Aero running only to find that the PC was not performing well.

So yeah, Microsoft did a few things wrong with Vista. They essentially tried to take on the role of Apple, who has the benefit of handling the entire system building process (software and hardware). On the PC side, we have several OEMs putting Premium Ready logos on systems that might not have been all that well equipped.

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