Uncharted 2 PS3 falls to under $50

Sony Corp.'s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the Playstation 3 was price cut to under $50 in a new retail promotion.

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Saaking3276d ago

There's NO reason not to buy this game if you have a PS3. I would gladly pay the full 60 bucks, let alone less. GOTY 2009, no doubt about it. Only fellow PS3 Exclusive Killzone 2 comes close to UC2.

theEnemy3276d ago

GotY 2009 - Uncharted 2 (PS3).

Madusha3276d ago

Uncharted 2 will cruise to GOTY victory.

raztad3276d ago

I guess this deal is Amazon reaction to Best Buy 2+1 promotion. I'm a regular Amazon customer but Best Buy offer was too good to pass.

colonel1793276d ago

except from Gametrailers:

GOTY 2009: Modern Warfare 2
PS3 GOTY 2009: Modern Warfare 2
360 GOTY 2009: Modern Warfare 2
Multiplatform GOTY 2009: Modern Warfare 2
FPS GOTY 2009: Modern Warfare 2

Maddens Raiders3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

is so good that I can't even play it any more. It's kind of hard to explain really. After I played through on Hard.....I've just been in some sort of a daze, thinking about and analyzing what I saw ever since. Was it a game or was it a movie? 0.0

ABizzel13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

This is a great deal for one of the best games this gen and possibly ever. Uncharted 2 is a pure master piece and EVERY PS3 owner needs to buy this game, even if you only bought your system for Blu ray as this game will show off your system, and give you the same experience of a movie if not better. Uncharted 2 should sell much better than it's doing since it is one of the best games created in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ng time.

Now on to the game that's GOING to top it. God of War 3 is absolutely amazing, if you haven't pre-ordered it do yourself a favor and do it now to get the demo. The videos on IGN, gametrailers, and every other site don't do this game justice. It plays like perfection and looks as good as if not better than Uncharted 2 (at times it looks better) already and this demo was made in May 09 (over 6 months ago). God of War 3 is GOTY potential for 2009 already even with all the other big name games coming out next year, and that's no joke.

Naughty Dog, Polyphony, and Sony Santa Monica are killing the PS3.

cl63AMG3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Too bad I purchased it on day 1.

chaosatom3276d ago

I thought that they cut back the price in general and I was getting screwed because I recently bought the game, but this is just amazon cutting the price.

nix3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

ha ha.. tell me about it. it's a freaking long movie though. i had to show the game (my second play through) to my friends and they just kept coming back every night for three continuous nights. they just loved the "movie".

Maddens Raiders3276d ago

am watching some mates play it in fact (mp) as I actually type this. The game is better than I ever imagined and just keeps giving!

JL3276d ago

Agreed with the two above about the whole movie thing. It's actually funny cause that Sony commercial for Uncharted 2 became a reality for me of sorts. My girlfriend curling up on the couch beside me just to watch, wondering what will happen next and get rather attached to the story and all. Of course she knew it was a game and not a movie. Though it did make us both laugh later when we saw that commercial again after she had watched me beat the game.

That being said, I've been saying it since Drake's Fortune, and the same rings very true for UC2: Uncharted isn't just a game. It's an experience.

At this price it's way too good to pass up. I was more than happy to pay full price for probably the greatest game this generation.

AAACE53276d ago

I always feel like a sucker when I buy a game at full price, only to have them drop the price shortly afterwards. But U2 is so good, it doesn't really bother me this time.

Hopefully this will get more people to buy the game, otherwise, the games industry might get another crazy idea and think people don't want games like this!

Buy the game people!

LazyDevs3276d ago

Yeah a interactive movie more like it. Not some long boring cutscenes like in some games or where monkeys fiend for cig's.

nix3276d ago

MGS4 was a great game... but sometimes cut scenes were unbearably long. the diagram ones... even Kojima agrees.

but Uncharted 2 is sweet as good as a movie.

sikbeta3276d ago

Great Deal, more supporters for this amazing franchise

Mr Logic3276d ago

I got it for $50 on launch day. :D

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Saaking3276d ago

And guess what bots? You'll never play a game of this quality on the failbox.

Shadow Man3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The following copies SOLD of Uncharted2 don't count as SALES, because the game has hit the bargain bin. Which is again the RULES. Let it be Known that uncharted was only able to sell a million or less, at the PROPER price point from October 13-November 2 (R.I.P.)

I don't make the rules I just enforce them.

Thank You.

The Tour Man3276d ago

Shadow Man's a dumbass (I guess the alert wasnt necessary since everybody knows that).

Lionsguard3276d ago


lh_swe3276d ago

But I guess that price for Uncharted 2 is insane value :)

ZBlacktt3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

with 3 bubbles, I don't see you enforcing much, lol....

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LOL, you are the most hated worthless thing on the site. Well, you and that MetalGearRising guy.

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ape0073276d ago

is that naughty Dog has joined the gaints,this is perhaps at the top 3 best games ever in this gen

All I played was until ch7,it's unbelievable,Im in a bad mood these days,I don't want to finish it or gay tony in this mood


and btw Sully Rules,he is my favorite uncharted character ever,he is So underrated,they always talk about that overrated arbiter in halo while no one talk about sully

sully is the man

theEnemy3276d ago

well he's pretty un-involved in U2, After the cave thing, You'll get to see him again in the Ending I think.

He needs more participation in U3.

swiftshot933276d ago

I agree its in my top 3 as well. Id probably have it next Bioshock and maybe CoD4/MGS4/GTA4.
Your only in Chapter 7, but believe me the game gets better. There are parts were the game slows down and gets back to classic Uncharted towards the end, and just when you think thats it, the game blows you away with another set piece.

LazyDevs3276d ago

I believe the reason why no one talks about Sully cause he took a hooker to church.....*sniker*

-x.Red.x-3276d ago

more people should play this game

the cheaper the better.