7 Things I'll Miss about Vista-And 7 I Definitely Won't

PC Mag writes: "Not everything about Windows 7 is an improvement over Vista. Here are some things from Vista we wish the new OS hadn't changed-and some we're glad it did."

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Elven63272d ago

The taskbar is something I'll miss, while I don't mind the Windows 7 taskbar their was just something about the Vista one that made Windows feel "unique".

mal_tez923272d ago

I used to always have gadgets on top, I just liked knowing how much RAM prcessor and internet was being used at any given time without having to minimise windows

darkmurder3272d ago

Err don't know bout you guys and the article but I've got a sidebar fine on my Win 7

mal_tez923272d ago

How do you get it? I have desktop gadgets, but how do I get them to be "Always on top"?

Taz Yamauchi3272d ago

After 2 months with windows 7 I went back to my Vista 64bit sp2. not impressed by 7

sagapo3272d ago

I also ran Vista64bit (SP2) before 7 (64bit) and it was pretty stable and fast, but a lot of times my harddisk had a lot of activity for no apparent reason.
I don't seem to have that issue now with 7.The article says something about that stuff.
Although not impressed by 7, like you are, it runs as good for me as Vista did.

3272d ago
toaster3272d ago

More informative network icons
-you can find gadgets that do a better job of monitoring network traffic than what a tiny icon in the system stray can.

Show Desktop Icon
-there is an option to use Aero-peek or click to view desktop.

The Sidebar
-you don't have to stack them on the side. They can move to any position on the desktop.

Windows Mail
-who the hell even uses Windows mail anymore?

Christopher3272d ago

1. Network icon does show if it's connected to the internet or not. If it is, it shows as normal, if it isn't it shows with a yellow icon over top of it showing that you're connected to the network but not the internet. If you weren't connected, it shows with the red x over it.

2. Recent documents is now expanded so that every application that opens documents will automatically expand in the start menu to show the most recent documents opened with the application. Look for the arrow on the right to see a list of recent documents opened with Word, Excel, Acrobat, iTunes, and other applications. It's now broken up by application instead of a single list of unsorted files. I prefer the new method, but they didn't remove the old option either, so wonder how it's 'missing' from Win 7.