G4TV: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron PSP Review

G4TV writes: "For reasons as inexplicable as Jar Jar Binks, the Star Wars: Battlefront series continues on as a handheld exclusive, despite its previous success on consoles and computers. Marketed as the largest Battlefront game to date, Elite Squadron is an unquestionably ambitious title for a portable system. Will the promise of one connected battlefront, encompassing both space and land, cause the gameplay to fall to pieces?"

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KozmoOchez3269d ago

i played the demo and was thinking that this should be on console the whole time. The controls scream dual analog and the multiplayer could be expanded to more players if it was on psn/xbl/pc which could make the battles even more intense.

idk why they keep putting the battlefront games on handhelds, maybe they dont want to put a lot of time into converting it to console, but they need to upgrade this game to console eventually