Diehard GameFAN: Borderlands Review (360)

Borderlands is a great example of a game that probably shouldn't work, but does on nearly every level. Once you get past the paper-thin story and just start wandering the wastes and grinding, you're in for a treat. It is a fun grind too, offering tons of ways to slay your enemies and lots of surprises to keep you coming back. The game takes it up a notch when you start playing with friends, and turns a very enjoyable gun-fest into something else altogether. Featuring lots of light tactics and tons of tactical considerations, Borderlands is easily the best First Person Shooter Diehard GameFAN has played in a long time. Great graphics, solid sound design, fun quests, and a sense of humor that shows through in some weird places makes this game easy to recommend. Pandora's an ugly planet, but you can make it cleaner one bullet at a time.

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