Rumor: Lightsaber Star Wars game for Wii "on the horizon"?

A recent piece on FIN24 that detailed the Nintendo Wii's current dominance of the video game console market included a little tidbit that could possibly give Star Wars fans experiences that end in "-gasm". That is, if it turns out to be true. Anyway, the piece included this snippet:
"The head of the LucasArts, the game division for 'Star Wars' series creator George Lucas, told AFP a Wii game that lets players wield virtual light sabers is on the horizon."

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ITR4749d ago

FP lightsaber action?

I hope we get force powers with certain gestures.

Probable button mapping: (IMO)
'A' button for opening and closing your lightsaber.
'B' trigger for blaster or grenade release.
'D Pad' for inventory control and weapons selection.
'Analog stick' on nunchuck for moving.
'C' and 'Z' pre-mapped force powers maybe or healing force powers or charging force powers?

Eclipticus4749d ago

wow I cant wait, Maybe I will dust off my wii now. give the 360 a break. this umbrella chronicles, re4, metroid. finally some good games...

Maddens Raiders4749d ago

the most ludicrous, letigious piece of periphery I've ever heard of. I remember swinging these things around as a kid and it was pretty cool back then. Of course that was about 16 years ago, so imagining it now is nothing short of ridiculous.


nerd alert, nerd alert!

Maddens Raiders4749d ago

even a Ninty fanboi like you can agree that this is somewhat pushing the limits of juvenile indulgence. Now, if the lightsaber fired up and made the cool sound from the controller plus chopped everything in its path in two while at the same time cauterizing arteries, then maybe I'd consider owning one for home protection, but.....uh-uh....

ITR4749d ago

I'm sorry, fans have been swinging around lightsabers for the last 30 yrs.

Without nerds I doubt you would have a console to even play on.

ChickeyCantor4749d ago

the sad thing is that you call me a Fanboy of nintendo but in fact i love them all, xbox nintendo PS#.
you are the true fanboy here, dont you have some PS3 to fVck or something? trying to hide your fanboyism with your bio but putting up images of Xboxes with dissing/bashing phrases.

your are an idiot and you have said it before: you dont like what nintendo made, then why the hell bother coming here and pretending to be cool, calling allot of people "nerds", ITR is just right. Get a life man!

Maddens Raiders4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Hmmm.. seems I have struck a nerve there Sidar my boy. Don't fret everything's going to be ok. Just know that if I see you in public with a light saber I will fight you. J/K

BTW - you don't have to yell to the treetops that you love "all" consoles man. It's cool. We all know you adore the Nintendo and there's nothing wrong with that -- So who cares, that I just happen to think it's for ________ s and ________s. That's my opinion and no one seems to care but you. *sigh*
Don't get your panties in a wad dude.

BTW - that's the first time someone's ever accused me of "pretending to be cool" -- that's hilarious. And the word, "nerd", is used here in an innoccuos way for overexcited and nostalgic geeks. I should know -- I used to be one of them when I was 16. Don't be so over the top man. Take it easy -- and chill out.


ChickeyCantor4749d ago

neh i dont mind someone calling me a fanboy, i do mind if some one is being a hypocrit.

" cheers "

Close_Second4749d ago

...that the Wii did not have more horsepower under the hood. Imagine using the power of the 360 or PS3 but having the Wii controller to control the game.