GameSpy: Tekken 6 Review

GameSpy writes: "Smacking fools all upside the virtual face and neck is something I happen to be really good at, so my mouth began to water Pavlov-like as I cracked the cellophane on the sixth installment of the venerable Tekken series, anticipating the sweet tears of defeat I would soon be calling forth from the naive ducts of fourteen year olds in Dubuque. Unfortunately, though, the tears were mostly mine; Tekken 6's online play is laggy, buggy and unstable. I could not connect to Dubuque. And so, being unable to pile-drive the zit cream out of my foes and hear the lamentations of their women online, I had no choice but to alienate all my friends by pasting them in local versus mode. Now I'm a lonely, friendless wreck."

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Saaking3275d ago

I think *something* held this game from being great.

3275d ago
Xeoset3275d ago

Yeah, I wish the PS3 would stop holding games back like Bayonetta and Ghostbusters.

Imagine how good they would of been without Sony's bad framerates, needed installs, crap loading times and poor resolutions.

It works both ways, numbnuts.

Saaking3275d ago

I would like to thank MS for making a crappy piece of sh1t system and holding back the ENTIRE generation of console gaming.

MegaPowa3275d ago

shut up and stop being such a hypocrite you even have a gamertag on your profile. why do you constantly hate on the system when you obviously play it a lot.

xboxman083275d ago

i thought it was a pretty good game it just the PS3 fanboys are mad cuz MS got this time around and not just PS3

3275d ago