Gaming Union: Football Manager 2010 Review

Gaming Union: "Football Manager 2010 further cements Football Manager's stranglehold on its chosen genre with continued progression that only makes a good game even better. It's been made more accessible to new players, and although the new navigation might feel a bit odd it's actually a lot better. The 3D match engine has been improved to feature details such as pitch degradation and it now enables players to shout orders from the touchline for instant results. The new tactics editor is also a welcome addition. Overall, Football Manager is a stellar game, and definitely worth checking out by any would-be football manager."

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ShawnCollier3269d ago

Sounds like an interesting game.

Kyll3269d ago

dude, you don't even know :O

mephman3269d ago

I'll say so. For a football fan, this game is like crack.

Kyll3269d ago

OMG football manager, how I want thee in NA right now ;_; gotta wait until tomorrow though

mephman3269d ago

I doubt it'll be appreciated in NA as much as in Europe.

3269d ago