7.0 Nostalgia Review writes, "Rewind the clock some 120 odd years, turn history on its head by way of airships and magic, and you'll have the ground work for Ignition Entertainment's latest Nintendo DS RPG, Nostalgia. Developed by a lot of the same folk behind Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV for the DS, Nostalgia is a fully 3D adventure staring Edward "Eddie" Brown as he searches the world for his lost father. With strong titles under the development team's belt, one would imagine innovation and refined quality would lie within their latest foray, but a tale of adventure is bound to be full of surprises."

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ShawnCollier3272d ago

Sounds like an average game. Good to see it worthwhile for an RPG addict.

Kyll3272d ago

you know, for growing up being like an RPG addict, I don't quite get it anymore, playing average game after average game

Chris3993272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I've been weaned on the teat of console JRPGs (well all RPGs, I used to play BBS games for Chrissakes :P). I think that Deadly Towers for the NES was where it all began for me.

Past couple of years the only JRPGs that have impressed me or even engaged me enough to finish without the feeling of it being a "chore" were: the Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms series (across all platforms, I just adore the world and lore for whatever reason), Lost Odyssey and Demon's Souls. Valkyria was decent, beautiful made, but it had pacing issues.

I don't have much hope for FF XIII, it is by all accounts a rip-off of Star Wars with cookie-cutter characters. The recent TGS trailer did little to sway me from this opinion. I think people (JRPG nuts) will buy it simply by merit of it's name.

That said, the JRPG drought does seem to be ending and I'm not foreced to play mediocre games on my DSi anymore. WKC (and it's sequel), Ar Tornelico 3 and a couple of PSP games - Last Ranker, Parasite Eve - are my personal pics for next year.

Cheers and bubbles for a fellow JRPG addict.

mephman3272d ago

It's a shame that such a good team couldn't be more inventive.

Kyll3272d ago

no kidding, you think they'd get at least a few ideas to make it fresh during development

Kamikaze1353272d ago

These guys can put together a great game, but when it comes to creating their own from the ground up...they get stuck. They've made great Final Fantasy remakes on the DS.

3272d ago