Final Fantasy XIV Featuring At Distant Worlds

Square Enix has just officially announced that music from Final Fantasy XIV will be played during at the Chicago, Illinois Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy concert on December 12th, 2009 via the concert's official Facebook page.

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mephman3461d ago

It'll be good to hear what Nobuo's come up with this time around.

Myst3461d ago

I wonder if there will be some live feeds somewhere or something. Or perhaps iterations put on facebook, I really want to hear it as I enjoyed majority of the music in FFXI and spent at least twenty minutes ( Maybe more? ) Going through that BGM and other music that was available in the options.

Oh yeah, can't wait for the game either :) Still trying to decide whether I want it for PS3 or PC..:/

ShawnCollier3461d ago

I'm wondering if they are going to release a second CD considering almost half of this concert is brand-new songs.

Kyll3461d ago

SOUNDS good to me! xD