Wii ports will sell better on Playstation 3

Here's the latest rundown by Warzonegamer on how he believes there's a possibility on failed 3rd party Nintendo Wii games finding a new home on the PS3 and it's new peripheral.

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PimpHandHappy3273d ago

Sony will make their own "FIT" game but it wont be called Wii Fit

say whatever again!

Wii ports to the PS3 is the dumbest thing i have heard in weeks on this site but im sure if this guy keeps making videos it will be topped in under a week!

your a genius! PS2 games coming to PSN!!! WOW

get out of your moms kitchen

saint_john_paul_ii3273d ago

he is kinda right though, but lets be more specific here:

Hardcore games on the wii that get ported to the PS3 will sell better on the PS3. the hardcore gamers on the Wii are a small percentage compared to the hardcore gamers on the PS3.

Narutone663273d ago

but develop to make the most out of the PS3 hardware should be the right term. Imagine Monster Hunter 3 in high definition on the PS3, "MH3 on the PS3" sure have a nice ring to it.

Saaking3273d ago

Hopefully third party wii devs will take advantage of the PS3 motion controller. they deserve more sales.

BadboyCivic3603273d ago

Easy on the hostility guys, its just his real life that wont happen...every wii game would go straight to PSN

Jamie Foxx3273d ago

than the 360 due to sonys motion control using an actual physical controller

id be glad to see madworld in HD on the ps3

sinncross3273d ago

I've been saying this very exact thing ever since the PS3' Sphere' was unveiled.

There is so much opportunity for third party developers to port to their Wii titles to the PS3, and even give some poor selling titles a chance again.

Yes we have heard how Sony will only take ports if they have considerable added content. I do not believe this is what they will do for the the PS3 'Sphere' for a year or two. Any games they get will only help the item hit a wider demographic.

Of course the problem comes if Sony abandons the PSEye as an item by itself. Games like Eye of Judgement and Eyepet (which is getting motion controls patched to it) have a market and then PS3 games get traditional gaming, motion sensor gaming and motion capture gaming (like the Natal is hoping to achieve).

In fact I am concerned as to why Sony did not bother making an HD sequel to their Eyetoy Kinetic series considering how well wiifit has been.

This said, I am hopeful of the outcome of the PS3 'Sphere', especially if the new Ape Escape, a launch title, is as fully fledged and fun as the previous entries in the series.

sikbeta3273d ago

wii sport will not sell better, PS3 has a real fanbase, not wives and grandparents lol


"Sony will make their own "FIT" game but it wont be called Wii Fit"

Sony already did that last gen

SL1M DADDY3273d ago

And it is those folks that will buy up the ports and play them in HD glory. I say that the Wii port issue is a great idea since most of the work is already done on the games and once ported, they will garner great competition from Sony onto Ninty. MS will struggle with their motion controls but Sony will simply reap all the benefits of the labor of devs that made games for the Wii.

Microsoft Xbox 3603273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

PimpHandDaddy stop being so closed minded. Obviously he's talking about 3rd party Wii games being ported to the PS3. Do you think Sega will pass up the opportunity to re-release The Conduit and the like on the PS3 to make up for the lack of sales? Hell no. This goes for most 3rd party games that didn't sell well on the Wii. Seeing how the Wii and the PS3 motion controller are alike, the devs can avoid having to reconfigure the control layouts for each platform.

Like SL1M DADDY mentioned above, there is an HD casual market for these type of games. Heck I'm willing to try it out myself too. I wouldn't mind playing Wii games like Red Steel 2 on the PS3 upped with HD standards.

HolyOrangeCows3273d ago

It's time we force this loser and HHGS off of N4g!

Chubear3273d ago

They will get ported over but mainly as PSN DLable games for $9.99-19.99. With gamers being able to play games like RS5 with Sony's new PS wand, they'd have to be priced competitively to get traditional core PS3 gamers to try them out.

I can easily see Cursed Mountain making a move to PSN for 20bucks.

ID IR A G 0 N3273d ago

ps3 doesnt outsell anything when it comes to games, so i doubt it will take the wii down. get real

kunit22c3272d ago

Since when is someone just randomly uploading a video of what they think news? Seriously who approved this? This site is seriously ridiculous.

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Kevin Pereira3273d ago ShowReplies(5)
PimpHandHappy3273d ago

i will delete my account and never come back! I stayed away for 4-5 months b4

the mods need to limit accounts real fast!

nix3273d ago

i guess we better say - bye bye to PimpHandHappy, now.

theEnemy3273d ago

I bet they approved this just because of your statement.


LeonSKennedy4Life3273d ago

Are you saying that all Blues Brothers fans stand by their word?


Racist and reported!

PimpHandHappy3273d ago

i wonder if the mods could limit accounts if anything like this would be aproved?

taking a long break from this site and its little crappy websites that go along with it.... im guessing Warzonegamer has at least 7 accounts

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Obama3273d ago

I would buy murasame day one if they port it to the ps3.

ChickeyCantor3273d ago

There is no point in porting that game since...well basically no motion is involved. So it doesn't seem logical to port that when it comes to the wand.

( Although if it gets a port, great for the PS3 owners)

xabmol3273d ago

If a lot of (good/"hardcore") 3rd party games get ported to the PS3 because of the motion controls and turn a decent profit, I'm sure that would tempt others to make the jump as well, MC or not.

ChickeyCantor3273d ago

if motion control is not the reason to port their games, then they would have done that by now.

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qface643273d ago

not all games will be ported though

you have to remember that the reasons some of these games are on the wii in the first place is because of the cost of development

a straight port to the ps3 would be cheap but i doubt many people will be interested in that

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