Microsoft Refunds Dog Shopping Spree,Grants K9 Gamertag

Two weeks ago we broke the news about Kotaku reader Greg and his amazing, online shopping dog.

Today Microsoft told Kotaku that they've refunded the money Greg's dog spent on Xbox Live and have granted the dog his own Gamertag.

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Elven63271d ago

It's not everyday that a household pet turns on an Xbox 360 and purchases gamer points only to have Microsoft refund the poor guy for his dogs funny accident.

The Tour Man3271d ago

Better than all that comparison stuff that floods the site. Ex: Bayonetta PS3 vs. Xbox 360.

ambientFLIER3271d ago

The guy probably had the purchase confirmation screen up, as he fell asleep. All the dog had to do was press A.

KionicWarlord2223271d ago

This was very nice of Ms to do this .

Kinda..." sympathetic " .

Saaking3271d ago

Take of the "sym" from sympathetic.

Bzone243271d ago

He'd only have to do that if he were describing you.

evrfighter3271d ago


ambientFLIER3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Wow Saking, so not only did you NOT stop trolling on the 29th, you're doing it hardcore in the gamer zone now? Nice... What the hell are you trying to accomplish? Normally people troll in the open zone for the LULZ, but since it's not really tolerated in this zone, are you actually turning into a real fanboy?

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Saaking3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

MS is pathetic.

EDIT: Kaveti, good for them. If only they'd use that money to make quality products.

kaveti66163271d ago

MS raked in 200,000 bucks during the time it took you to post your comment.

kaveti66163271d ago

Sorry, Spike. They don't sell Kibbles N Bits on XBL. Some day, though. Some day. *looks off into distance and sheds a tear*

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The story is too old to be commented.