Takeuchi: Japanese Gamers Need Western Gamers' Curiosity

Kotaku writes: " Usually, when a country's gaming scene struggles, game creators take the heat. But an Edge interview with Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi suggests gamers could also be to blame.

Here's Takeuchi discussing the winter 2009 Lost Planet 2 with Edge magazine's interviewer. Note that Lost Planet 2 is designed to be played in co-op and supports online play. And note that online gaming isn't very popular in Japan."

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Saaking3271d ago

Japan has a very different culture than us.They like certain games only and I'm against Japanese Devs westernizing.

reintype3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I feel this is a knee-jerk reaction by the Japanese Games Industry. I for one would be totally pissed if we don't get our Icos, SOTC, The Last Guardian, Okami etc. if Japanese are truly going to embrace the Western approach. The only thing they need to do is to incorporate Western Game ideas into their Design. Like:

1. MGS4-It's Gameplay bears alot of influence from western made games without sacrificing any of the strengths to which the series is known for.

2. Demon's Souls-Another great game which has an online component without compromising it's unique Japanese sensibilities.

3. WKC-I think Sony and LEVEL 5 is on the right track here, make a great SP component then add an addicting online experience. I think alot of future JRPGs will have this one too.

Of all the Japanese Game Makers I think Capcom, is the only one who actively pursues and actually incorporate western game ideas into their games even if they don't need one like RE 5, that's why they have more success than the rest.

The most clueless would have to be Square. Their idea of westernizing seems to be, screw the PS3. Besides that their new games have left me with equal bad impressions.

a. Front Mission:Evolved-When they first announce this spin-off, I thought we were getting a game, mold in the likes of Chrome Hounds/Mechwarrior because of its strategic nature. Square's Ideas to westernize this is to make it a Gundam/Armored Core clone, WOW!

b. Nier-I know they are only the publishers, but good god, I don't know who came up with an idea, that to Westernize a DMC clone is to make an "Old Meathead Dante". Makes you really scratch your head in, musing "WTH were they thinking?"

3sq3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

There are already tons of Western-like games from Japan. They all look so meh, I swear if this keeps up I'll stop gaming for sure. Not to pretest but there are rarely any games that interested me anymore.