Hideo Kojima A "Huge Fan" Of Twilight, Will Judge Your Fan Art

Michael McWhertor, of, writes:

"Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is apparently a fan of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, opting in to judge a fan art contest themed around the second entry in the romantic vampire action series, New Moon.

That's according to a release from Japanese artist network pixiv--pretty much the overseas equivalent of deviantArt--which has tapped Kojima, Evangelion character designer and manga creator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and Twilight manga artist Ryuji Gotsubo to judge a Twilight: New Moon fan art contest.

Kojima, who I'd wager aligns himself with Team Jacob, is reportedly a "huge fan" of Twilight, according to the Anime News Network's translation of the release. He'll contribute his expert opinion as well as a signed copy of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, apparently, to the list of grand prizes."

Image by Kotaku commentor, LucasReis.

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Greywulf3276d ago

You guys can have mgs :\

kaveti66163276d ago

I don't get it, so you guys make remarks that imply that Kojima is gay because he likes Twilight, and suddenly a whole bunch of people say they lost respect for him? What the hell is this, the 1950s? I thought society had progressed a bit more, but I guess I am wrong. So what if he likes the series, so what if he turns out to be gay? The guy makes great games. My respect for him has not changed. In reality I am indifferent to the news. I had a feeling he was gay because I always said he dressed very stylishly, which might sound stereotypical on my part, but as far as stereotypes go, saying that a certain group of people dresses well is not really something to get upset about.

qface643276d ago

now everything is making sense
all the pieces are falling together

tsk tsk tsk kojima

tmt3453276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

i signed in just to click agree

iamtehpwn3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


Timesplitter143276d ago

Hopes and dreams = shattered

IzKyD13313276d ago

I honestly wish I never went on N4G today....this is just something you do not want to find out about a person

Greywulf3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

is how i feel.

Timesplitter143276d ago

As for how the console wars will go from now on, prepare for the worst

sikbeta3276d ago

Hey, nobody is Perfect, not even Kojima XP

XxZxX3276d ago

kojima love Boy with muscles............

did Kojima miss his teenage year like Michael Jackson did. So he is actually trying to make up to it by start watching ehhh... Twilight....


Whitefox7893276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


theEnemy3276d ago

I rike Twiright.

-Hideo Kojima.

umair_s513276d ago

I ask you folks one thing: What is wrong with liking a book? Why should I care what Mr. Kojima likes? I respect him because he's a talented game developer and not because what color he likes the most. Secondly, I respect him for having the courage to go out there and accepting this in the first place.

PrimordialSoupBase3276d ago

No wonder he can't tell a coherent story if his life depended on it.

cmrbe3275d ago

You kids need to grow up. The fact that you kids expect your idols to have the same taste as you kids is sad enough and shows how immature you guys really are. Omg!! My idol likes what I don't like!!. Seriously??. You kids need to you kids need to grow a pair and grow up.

Here are a few tips in life. You don't have to hate a chick flick to be a man. Not everyone you look up to in life is always perfect in your eyes like parents, brothers,sisters,friends etc.

I am not getting why there is so much hate for twilight as well. It's
Intended for girls mostly like harry was for kids so what if Kojima likes it?. I think twilight was watchable however I like true blood better.

How about you kids create a game like Kojima did and win numerous lifetime awards before dumping on him?. I won't be surprise if all you kids combined lifetime can't achieve what kojima achieve in 20 years in gaming.

You guys are really patheic.

The_Devil_Hunter3275d ago

Well that explains.........*gasp* Vamp.............

ZeroBlitz3275d ago

All geniuses have some eccentricities. Be glad Kojima's is just an interest in bad angsty vampire romance novels. Plus there's a good chance this is simply a publicity thing as Twilight is the 'in' thing with girls at the moment (and you know how he likes to broaden the appeal of his games).

RadientFlux3275d ago

MGV: - see what happens when vamp goes back to high school

BLuKhaos3275d ago

C'mon kojima how can you like that crap.I mean vegetarian vampires that sparkle in the sun light and play softball in the woods, WTF is that?! but hey you do make some great games.

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Mista T3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

so erhhh, Kojima, I thought the creator of MGS would have a lot more testosterone than this, he should be more of a Rambo fan than a Twilight fan

JsonHenry3276d ago

Have you looked at this guy? He dresses like a moron, loads his games up with hours of emotionally charged cut scenes, and probably only weighs a buck ten at the most - and this news surprises ANYONE?!

TheAntiFanboy3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Don't forget he makes his characters talk in circles. He and Meyer share a very similar writing style.

tehk1w13276d ago

Neither authors can write worth a story worth a damn IMO.

Twilight is a terrible, unoriginal Mary Sue fanfic

And Metal Gear Solid is redundant, non-nonsensical psychobabble and pretentious, intellectual masturbation interspersed with giant robots, perverted camera angles that objectify women as sex objects, and the occasional gun fight.

I still love Metal Gear Solid, but I always kind of laugh whenever anyone praises it for telling a good story. It's a fun game and a decent action movie, but a deep, compelling story it certainly is not.

sikbeta3276d ago

Come on man, everyone make mistakes, at least he is not a huge fan of bakstreetboyz or britney spears lol


He doesn't need to dress for you, dress observations are gay man and about the "hours of emotionally charged cut scenes", well is about the end of an STORY that you need to follow from the first MGS, is not Quake or Duke Nukem

To much GeOW for you lol

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Pandamobile3276d ago

Welp, I've officially lost all respect for the man.

2FootYard3276d ago

Welp, I've officially gained more respect for this man. No need to be ashamed of enjoying a book.

tehk1w13276d ago

You do when that book is Twilight.

It's like "Hey guys, I'm a respected man famous for making video games into a viable medium for art. Oh, and by the way, The Hills is my most favorite show ever."

Timesplitter143276d ago

Gabe Newell's so fat, he caused an earthquake when he dropped out of Harvard

sikbeta3276d ago

You really have high standards XD


You can't say that about Newell, because, eh.... you are right he is fat XP

XxZxX3276d ago

if anybody beside teenage girls has high standard because they doesn't like twilight, hell i believe most of us in N4g has pretty high standard here. But wait a minute, issit us have high standard or them, have low standard. hmmmmm

Homicide3276d ago

High standards? Twilight is terrible. All respect is lost.

evrfighter3276d ago

Gabe Newell is fat


Hideo Kojima loves Twilight.

Gabe Newell is my hero.

Pandamobile3276d ago

Nothing wrong with fat people, but for a dude to love Twilight is just wrong.

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