13 New HD English FFXIII screenshots on various EU Playstation pages (updated 1x)

A few weeks ago, Square Enix released the first English screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII. As some of you know I'm constantly searching for news about this game and today I stumbled on never before seen English screens on the dutch FFXIII page of the official Playstation site. These screens were seen in the latest Famitsu issue but now they're completely in English. surprisingly these screens weren't posted on other gaming sites.

The screens also appeared on in HD.

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Jerk1203271d ago

Now that it's on the 360, I'm not really that interested.

It seems pretty metrosexual.

Oh well, atleast the 360 version will be better.

So, what the hell.

Mercy00013270d ago

They will be equal. The only difference will be the amount of disks.