Vooks: Hands on with Nintendo's 'summer' line up

Vooks writes: "While in Melbourne we trekked out to Nintendo's headquarters to test out Nintendo's upcoming Christmas lineup including New Super Mario Bros Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Style Boutique.

As Christmas fast approaches, so does Nintendo's holiday lineup, and while we were in town (well in the same state) we headed out to Nintendo's headquarters to test out their big upcoming titles. Having never been to Nintendo's Australian quarters, as we entered as world of Nintendo, I felt a little like Charlie in the chocolate factory. Alright, so while it isn't the mushroom kingdom (business does get done there), Nintendo has decked out a room they dub the 'Playdium" with different zones for Mario games, Wii Fit Plus and DSi areas, with a cool attire for each. Sadly we couldn't take pictures, but those chairs that look like hands sticking out of the ground? So awesome."

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