GameSpot: EyePet Review

GameSpot writes: "There's no doubt that the EyePet can fill a good number of hours with creative and enjoyable gameplay, most of which makes excellent use of the PlayStation Eye camera and creates a very immersive experience. However, the lack of instruction and feedback make some of the 60 challenges frustrating and confusing, and because your pet doesn't grow or change, the playful fun eventually loses its luster. The experience ends up being fun but altogether unrewarding".

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devilhunterx3276d ago

Didnt Gamespot get miffed when they were sent the Lair manual?

xg-ei8ht3276d ago

Gamespot are tards, i think we all know that.

You can get EYEPET, which includes the camera obviously at hmv's for £24.

Considering your getting the Camera, i'd say that's a rather good deal.

Briefcase Joe3276d ago

Why are grown men reviewing a game meant for young children?

Godmars2903275d ago

Because no one would let young children near their offices, just like they can't be within 100 yards of a school?

Just saying...

callahan093275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Why are GameSpot reviewing this? Seems odd considering they're an American site, and they aren't bringing this to America for months yet. Shouldn't American sites not get review copies until it's about to come out in America? I'm just confused by the whole thing. Why isn't it out in America yet, anyway?

Edit: @ below... Aah thanks. That makes more sense. Definitely isn't clear that it's GameSpot AU. I didn't even notice that, until at the very end of the review it says so.

hazbaz3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I don't know why it's not out in America yet, but, this is GameSpot Australia. :p

infamous_273275d ago

Chill dude...

Theres no point in repeating "America" five times.

callahan093275d ago



Sometimes I get repetitive just to make sure everything's clear. But you're right!

infamous_273275d ago

I'd say their about equal. 9.2-9.4 for me.

Obama3275d ago

So you are saying ODST is worse than eyepet?