Gamer Limit Review: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

Gamer Limit writes: "The GTA series has skyrocketed back into the spotlight once again with the recent release of The Ballad of Gay Tony: an episode pack released exclusively for the Xbox 360. But Rockstar wasn't done just yet.

Releasing alongside of Gay Tony, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City is a standalone Xbox 360 game, meaning you do not have to own Grand Theft Auto IV to play it. Is the pack worth it? Read on for the official Gamer Limit review."

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RememberThe3573275d ago

Do you need GTA4 for the 360 to play this on the 360?

xboxman083275d ago

if you download it from the marketplace then yea you need GTAIV but if you get $40 disc then no you dont need it it had me a lil puzzeled too