Madden Wii features revealed - Online, Downloadable content

The first details to Madden 08 for the wii has been unveiled. It will include...

Continue to find out.

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Maddens Raiders4188d ago

Online: check
Downloadable content: check.
Reputation stats: check
No voice chat: Are you kidding?

Dear Madden, please remind Nintendo the year is 2007, not 1997.

ITR4188d ago

Why the hell do you need voice chat anyways?

So you can yell at who ever you play? I mean really.

I'm hoping for a bluetooth keyboard you can just type whatever.
A lot less intrusive then someone saying...F this mother F that.

M_Prime4188d ago

yeah.. i play online games and i have a headset but i never really use it to chat..

i mean sometimes when i play with my friends i do.. but thats rarely..

and if i wanna chat with my bud while playing online i'll just use VENTRILLO.. cause i can..

but i guess with friends voice chat can be good.. but with random people its just annoying.. did anyone watch "THE BREAKUP"

i love the part where Vince Vaughn is badmouthing the 12 year old while they are playing what i think is Fight Night. (Boxing game) and that is an example of why we don't need voice chat