Gamer 2.0 Review: Topatoi: The Great Tree Story

Gamer 2.0 writes: "Episodic gaming so far in the past few years has been confined to the world of adventure games, but Ukraine developer Boolat Games is taking a chance with their episodic puzzle platformer on PSN. Topatoi: The Great Tree Story tries to set up the first part of a three-part story while introducing you to the mechanics that make it an interesting game.

The Great Tree Story starts with Raph and his friends flying through the clouds with their dirigible before having engine trouble that causes them to crash. They crash into this gigantic tree and come upon a civilization that lives on the outside of the tree before his girlfriend is snatched by an evil bird creature that plans to take over this world. The story mode ends with a cliffhanger way earlier than you'd really expect, though it's not really because the story is all that compelling at this point. The seven levels in the story mode are mostly about introducing new mechanics at the beginning of a level that uses them throughout before you reach the last level that challenges you to use them all."

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