Rumor: Killzone 3 confirmed?

Wannahaves you probably dont know. It is a Dutch site and television discussing program about the latest gadgets and sometimes there is also place for games. Obvious, Killzone 2 was discussed today and at the end of the item, the commentator said something remarkable. They said that there will be a sequel for Killzone 2 and that it is coming in 2011 or even in 2010!

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trancefreak3275d ago

Yes, yes indeed my young Helghan

ambientFLIER3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I heard it's coming out in 2 months! Totally true!!! LOL XBOX LOL BYE BYE !!!


Remember, a sequel to a flop is guaranteed to be yet another flop.

Obama3275d ago

A 91 average game is a flop? Well I guess ODST must be a flop flop.

ambientFLIER3275d ago

Yes, because you never claimed any high-ranked xbox game to be a flop, right?

Saaking3275d ago

Wait, you bots were saying flopza wasn't a flop because it scored well. Now you're saying KZ2 is a flop because it didn't do halo numbers. Which is it bots? Sales or scores? Make up your minds, hypocrites.

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NeptuneOO73275d ago

Better have split-screen co op. No excuses now.

Fishy Fingers3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Wouldnt get your hopes up, KZ seems focused to showcasing technical prowess. Split screen support isnt something I think they'd be focussing their time on.

Not that I wouldnt want to see the feature, I'm just being realistic. Co-op will be included I'm sure, but I highly doubt split screen (in any form) is even really being considered.

Fishy Fingers3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Will be put to full use I'm sure, much like KZ2 which demonstrated excellent engine architecture to take advantage of the SPUs. But split screen has shown to have little importance in developers priorities this generation, the WOW factor seems to come first.

Plus producers/platforms want to push their online capabilities. They'd rather you bought 2 copies than share one, I'm sure.

pixelsword3275d ago

and splitscreen multiplayer; Let the single player be the killer graphics, I'd love to have a friend over and play some killzone with him/her; and if you ever played "strip (insert splitscreen game here)" with friends (no nudity, though) it's loads of fun.

sikbeta3275d ago

"KZ seems focused to showcasing technical prowess. Split screen support isnt something I think they'd be focussing their time on"

KZ2 manage to do Amazing Graphics, If they need to sacrifice graphics for split-screen, is not a big loss, I'm sure GG will do an slightly better game with split-screen + co-op mode included


Xbox Avatars Shoe3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Obviously KZ3 is going to be made.

They better include split-screen co-op this time! My brother-in-law would rather PLAY KillZone than sit and watch ME play it.

Hellsvacancy3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Split screen sucks - i wanna FULL screen when i game, co-op would b cool though

Saaking3275d ago

Can't wait. Whenever they release it, KZ3 is bound to be EPIC.

mastiffchild3275d ago

Splitscreen isd ying outside of the Wii-and it really isn't just GG or KZ2 and 3 responsible for that. Few PS360 games have it this gen and I see no change back anytime soon-sad but true.

And didn't we all kind of assume GG were making this and it'd prolly be out next year?

ape0073275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

game good experience,my biggest advice for gurella games is that

if you look at the 2005 trailer and the full game 2009,99% of people talk about how GG reached there goal in gfx and GG did the impossible but if you really focus on the 2005 trailer,you'll see more drama,more intensity more grittness,voice acting was much better than the full game,the 2005 trailer felt more heart felt So unique while the full game felt special of course but way less than trailer,it's a bit cold in comparison,matter of fact that kz2 didn't have much SOUL or CHARACTER like cod 4,uncharted 2,mgs4 or gears of war,hope they focus on characters too,if you look at it,completeing one shot one kill with mcmilan in cod 4 is much more intense and dramatic than completing the first mission with garza in kz2(although I liked garza)

So GG that's my advise for you guys and good luck :)

look at it again,see how it feels emotional and epic and how voice work was great

what do you guys think?? let's have a great discussion

Lifendz3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Have high precision controls included at launch. I think only having the clunky controls turned a lot of people away from the game.

Think about expanding the size of a map and possibly add vehicles. There was a tank in single player and not in an area where you could really maneuver. Get that bad boy in multiplayer!

Give players the knife in multiplayer.

Include co-op single player campaign. God that would've been awesome for KZ2. Especially on the last stage. If you can't do it in single player, do like Insomniac did and create a seperate co-op campaign with side missions. This should be easy because the war is on a global scale. Plenty of room to show other conflicts.

Allow for customizable online chars. And if you incorporate some sort of prestige like feature, and give upgrades for armor, helmets, etc, I think you extend the life of your game immensely. Just think if you hit General, took prestige, and got some cool armor to wear.

Maybe include a few more large set piece type battles. KZ2 was about an invasion but it really felt like 20 guys invading on their own.

Have a collectors edition with behind the scenes stuff. If it's a franchise I love (like God of War and Killzone) I enjoy watching all the stuff that goes into making it.


Change the art direction. Love the distinct look of the game.

bring back trophies for finding all the symbols or intel. God that got tedious.

Tone down Elite mode. I repeat, DON'T TONE DOWN ELITE MODE. I love having that trophy because it took a lot of friggin work to get it.

Bring back Rico. In fact, let some of us kill Rico before the game starts. Or maybe during every loading screen.

HolyOrangeCows3275d ago

With Such a magnificent game as Killzone 2 was.....a sequel was imminent.

sukTHEfac3275d ago

haven't you learned anything from the past huge releases?

Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 namely:

They specifically said no co-op because it would ruin the campaign experience. I'm sure there will be tons of new multiplayer modes that will keep you and your friends happy, so dont fret.

they have a great excuse not to put split screen co-op

they boast experience and graphics - both would be hindered by split-screen


ps3d03275d ago

KZ3 is coming making 10 the year of the ps3
KZ3 is coming making 11 the year of the ps3
KZ3 is coming making 12 the year of the ps3
KZ3 is coming making 13 the year of the ps3
KZ3 is coming making 14 the year of the ps3

Fastward to 2020

KZ3 is coming making 20 the year of the ps3

DaTruth3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"DO: Have high precision controls included at launch. I think only having the clunky controls turned a lot of people away from the game."

DO: let everyone who wants that, go somewhere else. That's what the other 99% of FPS's are for! Also, it would hardly be fair to have half the people plying clunky controls and half with high precision!

You guys always do this, and then we end up with Resistance 2! Every FPS shouldn't be the same and I prefer I have a good game with one million people than the same old $hit with 5-10 million people. If I wanted COD:MW, I would have bought it!

Playing great original games > TEH SALES

Xbox Avatars Shoe3275d ago

Are you kidding me? The voice acting in that trailer sucks and the whole seen just seems off. KZ2 has better graphics, voice acting and flow.

ape0073275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

trailer,everything seemed more serious

and I agree with gfx

jjohan353275d ago

They better not release this in 2010. Leave some room for Insomniac and Resistance 3. We're still playing Killzone 2.

ChozenWoan3275d ago

As for the controls, they are right where they need to be right now. Only thing missing is... uhhh.... uhhh... ohh yea, more vehicles. Give us jeeps, tanks, and mechs in large multiplayer maps, I'd say about Phyrus's size or 1.5 it's size at max. More mission types, more unlockables, and require that badges be unlocked to go up levels instead of an indiscriminate score. Nothing worse than being on a team with a Tac dropping two spawn points near your own base when the objective is clear across the map.

rockleex3274d ago


If your friends are just watching you play, they'll never get to experience the game for themselves. So they most likely won't buy the game unless they were interested in buying it to begin with.

Even if you let them experience the game for themselves, they won't be having the fun factor of "OH HELL YES!! I just killed all three of you [email protected] in a row! Booyah!"

That fun factor will get them to buy the game in a split second.

I don't care if the graphics are toned down in splitscreen mode, just give me it! >:D

Ravage273274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

seems to be the only FPS that generate any sort of excitement for me now, i'm really excited to see what GG are doing to push the series forward. Can't wait for E3 2010!! ^^

edit* i'll love to have splitscreen but it won't be a deal-breaker if it turns out without one. I'm accepting the fact that splitscreen gaming is going the way of the dodo nowadays, very few games this gen supports it.

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Bagogames3275d ago

A co-op like MW2 are doing, much more manageable.

chisox1003275d ago

My KZ3 wish list:

Campaign or Other type of co-op.

More variety in the already addictive multiplayer (tanks, actually flying the ATACS and more guns)

Offline multiplayer, it doesn't have to be the same as the co-op or VS mode but something I can play offline with friends.

Better story, KZ2 had a very good storyline but little character development which it needed.

grantps33275d ago

if it has anytype of co-op and a little bit of a stronger storyline it will be epic.

also i would like more of those HOLY SH!t moments like they had in uncharted 2. it would be amazing

pixelsword3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Killzone 1's plot was so well done, it's on my top 10 of all time best storylines for a game. Killzone 1 was in terms of story was the only story for a game to ever have a "Star Wars" feel, although some of the gameplay skunked the otherwise great, but "led" AI which failed to react when melees were concerned. Liberation had a good storyline as well, but K2's was a little too direct and dry in comparison.

JBaby3433275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

The story would have been 10 times better if you were given the option to kill Rico. I couldn't stand him. Otherwise I liked the story it just needed some better dialogue to pull it through. Can't wait for Killzone 3 though as Killzone 2 was excellent overall. And yes split-screen co-op would be a welcome addition in both SP and MP against bots.

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