China clamps down on Activision's top online game

Despite being earlier approved by the Chinese ministry, the General Administration of Press and Publication has "suspended approval for Inc to operate Activision Blizzard's World of Warcraft online game, putting the future of the recently-launched and high-profile title in question in China."

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Julie3270d ago

cute cat =) but lvl 68 is way too low! D:

Bereaver3270d ago

Sorry to cut into your post Julie but something needs to be said. :)

China only has censorship for one reason. They think that the elders are smarter and that there is no use to half of the internet (including blocking youtube and facebook.)

They only believe this to be true because, they didn't grow up with it like the modern society is now. I hate to say it, but living in China, sucks when it comes to entertainment and conversationalists.

iceman29293270d ago

the reason why the cat is only at level 68 is because the chineese government keeps on cutting off access to WOW :P

Timesplitter143270d ago

"Activision's top online game"

I'll spit on your filthy corpse, Activision. This is Blizzard's game and no one likes you.

iceman29293270d ago

I guess i should have said activision-blizzard...
don't get me wrong i do worship blizzard like any other pc gamer ( in fact starcraft was my first online game... that's when i first made my screen name that i still use to this day) but I tend to think of the company activision as their ticker symbol is ATVI so when im busy losing money on that stagnant stock, i tend to forget about the blizzard side.

PinkUni3270d ago

im glad to see someone doing somethign about it

my friends are addicted and they keep paying because they feel like they lost money if they don't continue to play

its just like xboxlive

charging for things that are already free on pc, but for some reason it cost more because its "higher quality" or something

subscription fees are all bullsh!t

Timesplitter143270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I don't like WoW but I hate censorship even more. You can't tell others what to do. It's their own responsibility.

El_Colombiano3270d ago

Because servers don't require money to keep running...*rolls eyes*

Triella3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Yes of course money is needed but the approximate cost to run WoW is of 300 million dollar/year 240 for the servers and 60 for R&D... the cheapest fee a player pays is 13$ a month = 156$ a year.

Last year WoW subscribers hit 11.5 million. Just do the math, WoW is Activision-Blizzard golden goose.

3270d ago