Miyamoto: MotionPlus in Zelda Wii will be used for various targeting systems, Spirit Tracks will be fun

Shigeru Miyamoto has provided a little more insight regarding the use of Wii MotionPlus in the next Zelda game for Wii and also discussed Spirit Tracks.

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Valay3276d ago

Well, hopefully this will help improve swordplay accuracy.

Redempteur3276d ago

it better be !!
Sword play and bow gameplay need to be precise's what everybody wants .... unless miyamoto think of something else ...

AAACE53276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

OH Zelda... What have they done to you? You reached your peak with the excellent Ocarina of time and gave every long time gamer the perfect Zelda game!

Since then, you slapped me in the face with that corny looking Wind Waker game that I lost interest in after an hour of play! I thought you would have redeemed yourself with the Twilight princess game, so I decided to buy it for the Wii. And you failed me again with another game that bored me after a couple hours. You still didn't give up though, you hit the DS with a touch screen game. I tried that as well, but you disappointed me again. Now I hear you have another game coming out where you travel on a train that you can upgrade.... Seriously? Either i'm getting too old or Nintendo are making a clown of the game I used to love so much!

I can only hope that the next game for the Wii is made so that the motion controls don't make the game less fun!

Edit: Also, Nintendo are back to their old tricks again... now that they have this new motion tech, why don't they release a controller with it built in, instead of making people buy extra crap?

Trevorthenerd3275d ago

wii now has a wiisports resort bundle with motion+ included.

rCrysis3276d ago

looks like I'm going to have to buy a motionplus now

tunaks13276d ago

i cannot wait for this game

McDaygo3276d ago

Was it me or did the last one seem like they squeezed in the new control scheme in as an afterthought? I liked playing the GC version better. And by no means am I knocking the game, rather I hope/believe that it will be 10X smoother/fun this go around. Zelda is the bees knees.

Xander-RKoS3276d ago

I don't think it was an afterthought, can you name a game that does what Zelda does better? Yes it was built for a GCN game but I think because of that, really cool motion stuff couldn't be implemented.

I'm glad we basically got confirmation though of motion plus being used in Zelda Wii, I remember an artcile from a while back saying Miyamoto was the only one wanting it.

tunaks13276d ago

i remember in an ign interview Miyamoto said he wanted Zelda to be a Motion Plus necessary game.

EvilTwin3276d ago

McDaygo -- The Wii controls kinda/sorta were tacked on.

The game had been in development for GC for awhile, then they decided later on to do a simultaneous release on Wii. They pushed the game back a year to get it right. Without the Wii version, LoZ:TP probably would've been released in 2005.

I love the game -- it took 70 hours of my life. But it was planned as a GC game and feels like one.

Gr813276d ago

Twilight Princess on Gamecube because quite frankly, it's a gamecube game. A wonderful Swan Song for the system. I'm looking at the ground up Wii Zelda as the first real Zelda entry for this generation. Twilight Princess was a wonderful game, a love letter to the Zelda/Nintendo fan. It didn't bring much new to the table but it was quite enjoyable and I get the itch to play every now and again.

But what was more revealing for me personally with this game is that GRAPHICS DON'T MAKE THE GAME. What I mean is that as pretty as that game was on the Cube, (probably the best looking game last gen a long with Rogue Squadron2/3 and Prime 1/2) OoT remains the better game. TP is basically OoT with a new coat of paint and streamlined controls. Which is certainly enough to make a great game, just not a revolutionary one.

I have reason to believe Zelda Wii has the opportunity to capture that freshness Ocarina bought to the table over a decade ago. And I am excited.

EvilTwin3276d ago

LoZ:TP is a helluva pretty GC game. The water effects, the distance you can see on Hyrule field, the sepia-toned/particle-drenched Twilight honestly didn't look bad for a 2006 effort, even on far less powerful hardware.

I'm biased for TP, though, because I only experienced OoT in passing when it was released. TP was the first Zelda game I played to completion in a loooooooooooooooooong time.

But after downloading OoT and MM, you can definitely see the template. It's sorta like how I loved GTA:SA and spent more time with it than any on the PS2, but because it game after GTA3, it simply couldn't astound like the first 3D installment in the series.

The next LoZ should be sufficiently different, though. Its purpose is to squeeze every last ounce of power out of the Wii, and show off exactly what M+ can do.

It'll be Wii's swan song, like TP was for GC.

Now I wonder if it'll be another simultaneous release, too...

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