PlayStation LifeStyle - Mushroom Wars Review

PlayStation LifeStyle writes,

"Mushroom Wars is a PlayStation Network exclusive game developed and published by Creat Studios. The game tries to take on both the RTS and Tower Defense genres. Does the game succeed in mixing the two and delivering a unique experience, or are some marriages doomed from the beginning?"

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ps3gamerkyle3271d ago

I want this game soooo bad.

doctorstrange3271d ago

might pick it up at some time

Trexman893271d ago

i pick this game after i get done with all these AAA games that keep coming out

decimalator3270d ago

I picked it up, but have yet to touch it. Been busy with Borderlands and Uncharted. Now MW2 is coming out next week, I think it will be awhile before I get time to play it.

Lifewish3270d ago

yea its easy to forget other games in the wake of Uncharted 2