Top Five Upcoming Games of November

Examiner: November is the busiest month of the year for new game releases. With the holiday season closing in, many gaming companies choose to release their blockbuster titles in hopes of benefiting from the rush. So which video games are worth buying this month?

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Typical-Guy3460d ago

Nothing for me on the list except I might try AC2, I hated the 1st one I hope it's good.

StanLee3460d ago

Getting Modern Wafare 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wii. Got Dragon Age over the weekend, not really what I was expecting to be honest.

mal_tez923460d ago

Where's Ratchet?
That's what I'm looking forward to most.

FwanK3460d ago

My Wallet


November 2009

johnmark19823460d ago

looking forward to MAG the most i think it will alot better than MW2

Hideo_Kojima3460d ago

Get both they are not both comming in november anyway.

cyberwaffles3460d ago

gotta wait for mag, but i've been playing it and liking it a lot. first time i started playing it i liked it and it was getting better and better, then i started disliking it. this week, however, i've been loving mag more than ever trying out all the different gear and weapons. the only thing i think that would hold mag back is the amount of weapons and gear because its not as robust as COD. if sony pulls the right moves, mag can be the next big thing.

i'm definitely buying mag and i might get MW2 just because i love co-op and the single player is going to be sweet. competitive, on the other hand, i won't be as dedicated (no pun intended) like i was the first time around with cod4.

either way, you really can't go wrong between both of the games in my opinion.

Mindboggle3460d ago

Have you played the beta. Its not as good as cod4, and it wont sell. So who cares...

moparful993460d ago

MAG is pissing me off. Im in the beta and I get so frustrated, mostly at the lack of weapons. You're stuck with the base level weapons until you rank up alot. I hate how strong the apcs are, I can hit an apc with 3 shoulder fired tank rounds and it doesnt kill the apc thats retarded, If he opens up with the gun on top its one hit kills to soft targets. I think the main reason its so frustrating to me is because I dont have a mic so I cant coordinate with teamates so I just have to make due... So far IM not planning on buying mag.....

cyberwaffles3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

i know your pain mopar because i went through the same exact thing, i still do actually. the game definitely needs enhancing and balancing, but so far i like it a lot. i just now realized the respec option is there so you can venture out your skill points and dedicate them to other gear and weapons you couldn't get before in a short amount of time. for my first respec, i focused on upgrading my assault class and medics. on my second respec, i focused on upgrading my sniper class with the 50 cal and bipod (almost too easy to get kills at that point), and i respec last night and focused on my secondary and shotgun classes today (boudini 12 gauge, KP7, acoustic locator, mesh armor, medical kit, etc). i think there needs to be a separate skill tree for the weapons so you can get more than 3 different guns for each class type. also there needs to be more gear and futuristic weapons like in battlefield or frontlines: fuels of war. maybe the snipers can get a mini recon sweep grenade or something.

ok, starting to ramble but basically keep playing the game and get a mic. i swear its awesome when your squad is all together working as a team completing your objectives. it can suck sometimes when you're getting owned and try to play it lonewolf style. also, i find the game a million times better when you're a squad leader or platoon leader.

i seriously don't enjoy COD4 as much after playing mag. COD4 is better in a lot of ways like smooth gameplay at a usually constant 60FPS, big weapon selection, easier game management, etc etc but mag is pretty damn good.

also, it shouldn't take long at all to start upgrading your weapons and gear. it only takes 2 skills points to unlock the second tier for any class and only 3 points for a weapon. you can get some nice gear pretty early in the game actually.

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RadientFlux3460d ago

There are 2 games I'm going to pick up in November (Dragon Age and AC2), but for me the big money drain is going to be January.

With Divinity 2, Darksiders and Mass Effect 2 all due out.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3460d ago

I'll be getting MW2, AC2, and L4d2, but...

I'll only be buying AC2 and L4D2...

IW and Activision can suck it.

slave2Dcontroller3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

I see what you did dur. :)

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