Dragon Age: Origins – XBOX 360 Version Optimized for HDD Install

Just a quick note for the people who will be buying the XBOX 360 version of Dragon Age: Origins. Since the XBOX 360 has the option to dump the game's data onto the hard drive, I highly suggest to do it on Dragon Age: Origins.

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Raoh3270d ago

How did this get approved?

Isn't every game able to be installed? Is this guy going to make an article about every game that gets released being able to be installed on the 360?

I just don't see how this is news or how this got approved.

Hutch23553270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Did you read the article.

Guessing by the disagrees nobody read the article.

siyrobbo3270d ago

i read the article, it just says that it should be installe to the hard drive, no official comments about it actually being optimised for the hardd rive

no doubt they were playing the pirated version of the game

Its funny how a day or 2 after a game hits the net, a lot of low level blogs / sites get 'exclusive reviews or previews of a game', its so obvious

KRUSSIDULL3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Its optimized for hard drive because if you play it of the DVD it will be compressed and install it on hard drive will make it look on par with PC and PS3 (ok not PC) version because they got more space since xbox 360 discs has other junk Microsoft put on them.

Edit: Halo 3:ODST is also optimized for hard drives makes it load faster. Games that is not optimized isn't always faster from hard drive.

siyrobbo3270d ago

no you are completely wrong. Installing a game to the hard drive just dumps the data from the disc onto the hard drive. Nothing is extracted, nothing changes. Basically the image is stored as an ISO and software emulates the DVD drive, much like magic iso or daemon tools


No your wrong its optimized and 360 version is compressed if it wouldn't be it would load faster on the 360 than PS3 like in all other games that has no installs on the PS3. I'm just saying what Bioware said so you fail and the disagrees... Wow butthurt fanboys that can handle facts.

siyrobbo3269d ago

thats not how the game install system works

show some links to prove what you are saying

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ckane153270d ago

looks like I better go fork out more money for another 120g hard drive i'm excited

champ213270d ago

how much does microsoft charge for a 120gb hd?

champ213270d ago

lol i get disagreed at for asking prices of the xbox hard drives:P

ckane153270d ago

about $180 in australia but then we are always getting jibed

champ213270d ago

lol i could almost get a 80gb SSD on the pc for that price.

microsoft really knows how to rip their customers.

for the unaware, SSD is the newest tech probably 15-20 times faster then the HD's microsoft provides.

equip a pc with an SSD and say bye bye to any load times.

Nihilism3270d ago

i just bought a 1.5tb 7200rpm 32mb cache HDD for less than that....switch to pc gaming, you'll save a lot of money ;)

tda-danny3270d ago

Way less! I bought 2x 1.5tb 7200rpm 32mb cache Seagate drives for $115 apiece last month.

Nihilism3270d ago

dude. i bet it was the same drive, 1.5 seagate here too :D, they benched awesome in reviews, i paid $150aus..but everythings more expensive here...naturally they went down in price by $20 the day after I got mine...*sigh*, it's always the way, you know how tech companies roll though, the early adopters show their loyalty...and they slap you in the face with a die shrink/price drop the next day

Oh well, it beats my old 500gig samsung, in both speed and size.

beardpapa3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

yep same here. got meself two 1.5 tbs for $115 USD each last month or two at Fry's to put on my NAS. it's been media serving heaven since. Seagates as well. I dont' think they're $115 all the time, since Fry's has a habit of temporarily lowering retail prices on things.

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DelbertGrady3270d ago

Awesome stuff! I always install my games. Faster load times and makes the 360 as quiet as when it's turned off.

ckane153270d ago

I was being sarcastic I can get a 2.5" 500gig for the ps3 for a $100

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