Gaming Age: Trine Review

Gaming Age writes: "All together, Trine is absolutely worth picking up. There are very few titles on the PSN currently that play anything like it, and the mix of puzzle solving and platforming is extremely well done. Combat is a little boring from time to time, but you'll be caught up in the game's extremely well polished mechanics in no time, and like me, you'll probably ignore the few minor issues the game has with fighting. I was really happy to see the port handled as well as it was, especially given the somewhat lengthy delay, but everything seems to be pretty intact here. The small changes to the controls, like the Thief's grappling hook auto locking onto surfaces (instead of mouse control) works surprisingly well, so I don't think Trine fans will have any issues playing the title on another platform. It's a really well done title, and totally worth your time".

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