Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Footage has received some leaked footage of the upcoming FPS, Modern Warfare 2.

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SeanScythe3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

The person playing sucks.

No he killed a person walking on the street not his team mate.

Nick2120043270d ago

I loved how the player killed his/her own teammate at the beginning.

kevinx10003270d ago

persons playing leaked videos ALWAYS suck :p

Nick2120043270d ago

LOL. Usually true like in this leaked Forza 3 video awhile back.

josuttis3269d ago

Who cares about the person playing.

The actual game looks like complete garbage.

Montrealien3269d ago

This game is in retail stores backstores across NA as I type this, expect more of these during the next week. I am actually impressed that Activision is even letting us play online with them.

StanLee3269d ago

Well that was a bit dull. O_o

3269d ago
Elvfam5113269d ago

people are playing online and single player on jtv

SL1M DADDY3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

That might be so but I have yet to hear somebody say they would shag Modern Warfare 2...

And besides, isn't Britney so yesterday? What about Lady GaGa? What? You got something against her droopy muffin?

bunbun7773269d ago

a euphemism for a johnson? Cuz from his own mouth hes got both parts down there. Of course his mouth also refuted claims, but the jokes continue. If gaga is the new BS, then I am moving to the moon.

SL1M DADDY3269d ago

That just sounds nasty! Reminds me of Ace Ventura! To think, I thought she just had some low hanging fruit.

DonCorneo3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

can't agree with that.

it does not mean that the game is bad, though.

what, that lady gaga isn't a tranny?

LazyDevs3269d ago

Funny how people can come in here and watch a video and say the game is garbage and COD in general suck's or it attracts idiots blah blah. But they feel they need to watch the videos and actually haven't even played the game. Well if you guys hate COD so much then why in the f$#k are you in here posting.

talltony3269d ago

That every one here will get this game sooner or later. Lol this will be the best multiplayer game of all time!

evrfighter3269d ago


I didn't watch the video. But it's still garbage.

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Solans Scott3270d ago

Looks like you will be fighting to survive these levels. Good stuff.

cyberwaffles3270d ago

yeah, just like any other typical FPS -_-

El_Colombiano3269d ago

waffles speaks the utmost truth...:(

LevDog3269d ago

While Im excited for MW2 and have pre ordered.. I just got the MAG beta.. and have been playing it for 2 days now.. I have to admit.. I think MAG could out due MW2 as far as gameplay.. I still have some stuff to learn in the beta as what does what and blah blah.. But its addicting as hell.. Best way I can explain it.. Its like Modern warfare (as far as runnin n gunnin and leveling up) and killzone (as fas as no aim assist and objectives) and Socom ( as far as feel and who has the better aim and intenseness).. It seems to do everything well.. Which is good..

Id advise anyone with a Ps3 to go preorder it at Gamestop and get in the Beta.. Your gonna be pleastly surprised

lionp6963269d ago

No you will not I have had nothing but bad experiences with the MAG beta(i.e dieing but still being alive somehow)

LazyDevs3269d ago

Haha MAG couldn't even outdo Dragon age origins multiplayer.

ExPresident3269d ago

Concur with this. MAG is a very very good game so far. Can't wait to get all the details of what will be included etc upon release. Those posting they are having problems with the beta, or 3.1 with the whole dieing and still being alive... its a beta? Report it as a bug/glitch so they can fix it like they have other issues. That glitch doesn't negate the excellent gameplay that it already has.

Ravage273268d ago

yea the MAG beta really rocks, wish there are more SVER players though :p

cyberwaffles3268d ago

glad to finally see some other people on here who actually appreciate MAG. and those bugs are only there for now, they most likely won't be in the final game as long people report them.

i still remember a lot of exploits and glitches before the latest patch came in. people were climbing over walls bypassing the bunkers right into the enemy's base, arming anti-air batteries, motar pools killed you if you were laying down right next to them as you repaired them, couldn't revive teammates in the water, etc but now its gone since it was reported.

at least its not like some games where the finish copy still have those persistent glitches and exploits that people use regularly. halo 3 has too many glitches actually.

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Barragan3269d ago

how this looks the same as cod4 in any way

SL1M DADDY3269d ago

It looks far more polished than the first installment. Some folks are just disgruntled at Bobby Kotick and Activision for screwing over the PC crowd.

i3eyond the Circle3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Sgt. Foley is Keith David.


The graphics are better in person.

NONE of the videos on the net do this game justice.

El_Colombiano3269d ago

if somebody wanted to see the graphics they could pop in their two year old COD4 copy.

LONEWOLF2313269d ago

Yep the game does indeed look awesome.

Kleptic3269d ago

haha yeah it is keith david...'was it a bean, or the frank?' comes to mind...or the ridiculously creepy ending of Requiem for a Dream...or a bunch of other irrelevant film/tv related nonsense...

i3eyond the Circle3269d ago

Best Keith David line was..

"Never touch a black mans fries"

in Men at Work.

That is one of my fav movies of all times lol

Knghtz3269d ago

First Captain Anderson from Mass Effect now he has a voice in this game too.

I must admit he has a good voice for this sorta thing.

MerkinMax3269d ago

I believe he also voiced the Arbiter in Halo.

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