Aussie Family Group Trying to Ban Modern Warfare 2

Lobbyist group The Australian Council on Children and the Media is urging the Australian Games Rating Board to reclassify 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' because of the infamous airport level. Considering that MW2 is already rated MA 15+, Australia's highest game rating, a reclassification would effectively ban the game in Australia.

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HoangLow3272d ago

what's up with Australia baning games

NegativeCreepWA3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I feel sorry for Aussie gamers.

Do movies also get banned or just games.

Pandamobile3272d ago

Australians need a new rating system.

Solans Scott3271d ago

Did Jane Roberts actually play through the entire game before coming to her conclusion? I think not. As far as I know, you witness the airport massacre first hand and spend the rest of the game trying to bring the guilty party to justice. In no way is it a guide on how to become a terrorist. If anything is clear here it's the fact that Australians need a new rating system because games rated 'M' should only be played by adults (of sound mind)

JeffGUNZ3271d ago

I am tired of these kind of people who know nothing about a topic, yet jump out and talk a big game like they do. There is no way this game should be banned for everyone. A new rating system is all they need. 18 years and older, that's all. It's funny how more realistic and worse things occur on TV and movies, but god forbid it happens on a video game.