Critical Gamer: God of War III: Trade Demo Impressions

Critical Gamers Writes: The very first thing to hit you about God of War III, whether you're playing or watching, is the graphics. There's no two ways about it: this game looks incredible. Aesthetically, the demo is seemingly faultless. Smoothly animated, incredibly detailed enemies assault you from all angles, subject to some very impressive lighting effects (shown off particularly well in a section where you need to light your way in spurts with a disembodied head, which can also show you hidden items. Yes.). The backdrops are equally impressive, if not even more so. The most memorable example is the gigantic magma – style creature you've no doubt seen in trailers and screenshots. When you first come across him/her/it, it is as a glorified piece of background scenery. Awe inspiring as it might be, spectators may find that the creature's pre – set animation seems like some sort of interpretative dance.

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Jim Crikey3272d ago

My favourite God of war III preview!

scruffy_bear3272d ago

Can't wait for God of War 3, and it sounds awesome from this preview