AppSmile Review: Rock Band

AppSmile writes: "Rock Band, the wildly popular music game that has been causing a stir across the nation for some time now, has been released by Electronic Arts into the app store. With its near-console quality graphics, varied song selection, and spot-on controls, Rock Band cranks the fun dial to 11.

Rock Band offers three game modes: Quick Play, with 15 songs initially available; World Tour, where you play 5-song sets in several different venues with the ability to unlock 5 more songs; and Multiplayer, where you can join with friends online or over Bluetooth to rock out in true band fashion. The songs themselves are broken down by difficulty, allowing you to choose songs that are fairly simple to songs that are near impossible. After choosing a song, you'll need to select an instrument from bass, guitar, drums, or vocals. A difficulty setting (easy, medium, or hard) can be selected for each song, offering increasingly more difficult tapping requirements. World Tour allows you to embark on a solo tour from Boston to New York to Seattle to Paris to Moscow. Only Boston is unlocked at the start. You can also Play Online and check out the Leaderboards, both of which require a Facebook connection. When playing online, you play through a song and a friend plays through the same song using a different instrument. Your scores will be combined to form your final score. Bluetooth multiplayer occurs in real time, which is a lot more fun. There is also an achievement system and statistics that are maintained and accessible through the World Tour menu. Your success on tour can gain you many fans along the way."

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