The Zelda Community is Unique

Bottom line: Zelda has widespread internet support from fans, unlike the Mario Brothers, Metroid, or Pikmin series. A lot of the fans of those franchises you can find lurking at more general gaming sites such as GoNintendo or IGN. Why is this? What is it about this community that just makes it work?

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EvilTwin3275d ago

I wasn't a Zelda nut until I sunk 70 hours into Twilight Princess. I don't know what it is about the series...but it has something special that isn't easily described.

Just look at E3 reactions this year for Galaxy 2 and Other M, and compare that to the absolute roar that TP got when it debuted.

One factor is the rarity of LoZ. We usually have to wait a long time for the games -- there have only been 7 console Zeldas in 23 years.

[Heck, there have been 5 Halos in 8 years, for the sake of comparison. And we'll get Reach next year.]

By the time a new LoZ is announced, people are dying to play the series again.

That Zelda is such a tease.