EGTV: Midway boss backs Blu-ray

With Sony continuing to come under fire from critics over its Blu-ray strategy, the Japanese giant's next-generation DVD technology has received a boost from Midway boss David Zucker.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer TV, in an interview broadcast today, the US publisher's CEO and president dismissed fears that PS3's Blu-ray-inflated price tag is a significant issue, while predicting that success for Sony's next-gen console will provide a major leg-up for the new DVD format in its war with Toshiba's rival HD-DVD standard.

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richie007bond6285d ago

Sony is sqeezing this guys balls.beta rays doomed its one of the many reasons why the pszero is be delayed not to mention the cell and its nightmare manafacturing process,sony have had to downgrade the speed of the cell to 2.8 instead of the hyped up bull of 3.2,its not looking good for fony and thier ps nothing

specialguest6285d ago

wow, it's amazing how people take rumors to be the absolute truth and run with it.

Sony has not downgrade their cell chip from 3.2 to 2.8ghz. here is the direct response to that silly rumor:

"Developers have been working with PS3 dev kits for anywhere between eight and 12 months, and to suggest that we'd now take the decision to downgrade the hardware at such a late stage, is, well, ridiculous," said Fargher.

click on anyone of these links on google: for your source.

get your facts straight bub.

andy capps6285d ago

Does theMART have a new screenname? Agree with special guest.

mikeeno76285d ago

I hate Sony, but get your facts right. If the cell had absolute nightmare manufacturing, they wouldn't bother manufacturing it. Correct?
Also, Blu-Ray is unproven, not doomed. Yes Sony have failed miserably in past attempts to create new formats (Betamax etc)but alot of movie companies have backed it and (i say this bitterly) will help the format if it is included in the PS3. So, we both hate Sony, that's good, but you can't deny it has support when compared to HD-DVD supporters of Microsoft, NEC, Sanyo and Warner Bros (which supports blu-ray too). Don't believe rumors.

andy capps6285d ago

I don't hate Sony but you also have to take into account that Apple and Dell are also supporters of Blu-Ray. Dell is the largest computer manufacturer in the world, thus their partnership is huge. Apple will help as well, even though their market share is pretty small.


you forget that sony have so little blu ray diodes that they are refusing to supply the other companies untill they have the all the PS3 launch units produced.

Not making dell, samsung and apple happy.

DG6285d ago

Apple has a %5 market share worldwide but that includes businesses If you look at the personal/home market they are anywhere from %25-35 and dell damn thats most of the home users. About the diodes its not that they are becoming extinct its just that they have not ramped up production yet.


isn't that ken kuturagi's hand up his ass at the bottom of the photo? that guy can throw quite the puppet show!

kingboy6285d ago

that`s what they don`t put into acount..when it involves anything bluray they just see only sony alone forgeting the other companies behind it


blu ray delayed again, samsung
blu ray delayed again, sony


they don't have enough parts!

PS3sux360inchWiiWii6285d ago

Just because Apple and Dell are loading it into their computers, don't prove that it is a win for the format! those PC's may end up laying dormant for all we know, even the HD-DVD ones!

Just because something is marketed by a well known company don't mean it's gauranteed success! because look at how well known Sony has been over the years and the failed formats they have attempted!

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Video Game Actors Have Voted To Authorize A Strike, If Negotiations Fail

The vote to authorize a potential strike for SAG-AFTRA video game performers passed overwhelmingly.

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isarai1h ago

Do what you need to, this overtaking & underpaying BS has gotta stop


Striker Is The Worst Mortal Kombat Character Of All Time

In the annals of Mortal Kombat history, Stryker stands out not for his prominence but for his successive series of blunders and near-misses.

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CrimsonWing692h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Most of the MK4 cast is far worse than Stryker.

ZwVw2h ago

Not even close. That award goes to Hsu Hao.


Naughty Dog Says Tomorrow's Last of Us Day Stream Won't Have Game or TV News

Will focus on "art, merch, and more".

Naughty Dog has announced it'll be celebrating The Last of Us Day - its annual hat tip to the community - again this year, but has warned fans not to expect any game or TV show news.

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Snookies1223h ago

Is that multiplayer EVER going to drop? Like good lord... I love Naughty Dog so much, they're definitely in my top 5, if not top 3 developers. At this point, it's just getting ridiculous though. There's never even been a trailer for it, right? What the heck is going on with that? Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped.

-Foxtrot23h ago

Last gen, 2 years after the PS4 released we had Uncharted 4 but we didn't get a new IP from them.

3 years after the PS5 dropped and we've had nothing new from NaughtyDog and still no sign of a new IP just a remake we really didn't need.

The only thing we know is coming is an online focused multiplayer game and while Factions was a great addition to the original TLOU it's not like any of us wanted a full on multiplayer game spin off to take time away from other things. We could have at least had a reveal trailer of their new IP by now by their second team if the focus wasn't so split.

Feels like they care more about the TV show, it's all they ever talk about even with the writers / actors strike going on.

Profchaos11h ago

Goes to show how boring this gen will turn out everyone's talking forever to craft their graphical masterpiece that the generation will be over by the time the next hitters come out

Markusb336h ago

starting to get fairly fed up with all the lack of communication from 1st party. Even when the last of us started its hype was more interesting, showing the ants etc and no one knew what the game was about.
Being totally in the dark is much worse

Obscure_Observer22h ago

"Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped."

Looks like the rumors surrounding that game been in development hell are accurate.

GamingSinceForever8h ago

At least they understand when a product isn’t up to snuff.

Profchaos11h ago

Sam's like they had to scrap it and start again after Bungies assessment

crazyCoconuts11h ago

Based on their last update and some reading between the lines, it seemed like the work they had done was deemed as scrappable by the Bungie gods. I mean, factions was always kinda niche and this GaaS religion is probably looking for it to be a mainstream hit.
I'm guessing it's scrapped altogether. Maybe ND reworks it to be more accessible to the masses, but Last of Us doesn't seem to fit into the prototypical 3rd person shooter for the masses mold imo