Planet Xbox 360: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "The name Charles Wright should be a similar one to most wrestling fans. The Las Vegas native debuted with the then World Wrestling Federation in late 1991 as Sir Charles, a take on NBA superstar Charles Barkley. When that didn't work, he was repackaged as Papa Shango – the voodoo priest who could apparently make people bleed black ooze (yes, it really happened). No big surprise, that didn't pan out and Wright ended up being repackaged as everything from a prostitute loving Godfather to a supreme fighting machine until he retired in 2003. The lesson here is that a fancy new coat of (face) paint is never a viable substitute for solid mechanics and basics. The same lesson can be applied to the THQ's Smackdown vs Raw series, which after 10 years, is starting to show it's age. This year's game, the aptly titled WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 is filled with new features, gimmicks and play modes but deep down the same old problems linger, leaving fans with a title that shows potential, but falls a tad short of the three count victory."

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