IGN UK: Dragon Age: Origins Review

Bioware's achievements in all this are incredible. It cannot be stressed enough at the depth of the universe they have conjured. Every corner you look, there is a sense of age, of something old. Entire mythologies for multiple cultures have been brewed up, entire religions mapped out in their own belief systems, history that stretches back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Cities look lived in, worn – majestic and squalid places that spill with times gone by and a sense of place. The castles look like they have been there for centuries, and truly, there is an uncertain sense that they have been. That Ferelden and its inhabitants were waiting patiently in the wings for all this time, waiting for their chance to shine.

Presentation - 10
Graphics - 8.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 10
Overall -

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Lucreto3325d ago

Good score I can't wait for the game.

Lifendz3325d ago

I can't get Mass effect 2 cuz I only own a PS3 so this is my shot to get a Bioware RPG. Also love the whole Golbin, Orcs, and Elves type of RPG. Only problem is that I just bought Uncharted 2 and NBA 2k10, and 11/10/09 marks the end of all my free-time. I guess I'll have to pick this up sometime next year. Maybe during the summer. Too many games!

pangitkqb3325d ago

through Steam. I'm thrilled. I'm happy to see the overall scores, from Game Informer, IGN, and many more are all high. The lowest I have seen is a respectable 8.4 from IGN AU. Should prove to be a worthy purchase.

Alvadr3325d ago

Awesome, what would Xmas be without a great RPG to sink all that free time into

pangitkqb3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Look at my comment above. It boggles my mind every time someone on N4G "disagrees" with a statement...that contains nothing but a positive assertion. Like, "I'm legally downloading this title on Steam Right now" and somebody disagrees. What on Earth are they even disagreeing with? They can disagree all they want, but the physical reality is that the information actually is downloading as I type. Kind of like saying "Microsoft owns XBox and Sony owns Playstation" and somebody disagreeing. It's just silly.

Edit: haha, it just happened again! Cracks me up ;) Whoever it is, I at least owe you some thanks for making me laugh. Game on!

Controversy3325d ago

I know what you're saying. I see disagrees all the time for statements of simple fact like "I pre-ordered that game." With that kind of comment a disagree is simply humorous. It's like disagreeing that the world is round, not flat.

kingdavid3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Must be the ps3 fanboys. Theyre so used to pressing disagree with everything xbox that its become a routine for them to do it with everything:P

Anon19743325d ago

It's nice to see Bioware return to their roots. I couldn't ever get into Mass Effect. Sci-Fi where whenever you talk to someone they launch into their entire life story. No thanks. Give me good ole sword and sorcery any day. That's where I always felt Bioware shined.

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conker1213325d ago

Very good score and a much better review then the IGN AU review who cares what a bunch of aussies think.

K-Gamer3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

you mean a much better score, there's nothing wrong with the review

And yes, I care what Aussies think

UnSelf3325d ago

who cares what Conker thinks

StarScream4Ever3325d ago

The folks down there are reviewing the console version of the game. I guess the PC version stands out among the console brothers.

Nihilism3325d ago

Negative feedback for you old chap, have a pleasant evening, greetings from down under ;)

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i3eyond the Circle3325d ago

Guys the only Bioware games I've played were Mass Effect and Jade Empire.

With this game I see why they are one of the most renown devs.

DonCorneo3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

really, ign uk, this game is better than uncahrted? LMAO!!1!

"This linear RPG that isn’t really linear at all"

i love how readily admit that linear rpg and that it's a good thing. then adding that it isn’t really linear at all to make it look good even though it really is linear.

but if any other game(like Uncharted 2)is linear, then it a bad thing.

Sunny_D3325d ago

Dude, your an idiot. It's not comparing an RPG to a Third person.

SCWARD3325d ago

There is no other developer that puts as much TLC into there RPG's and more importantly the story line of there RPG's. Bioware is in a class all there own. Kotor jade mass and now this for console owners, they sure know how to show us the love.

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