God of War III (720p) Downloadable Video and Screens.

Lens of Truth writes "We've got our hands on the soon to be released God of War III demo for the PS3 – the same one that showed up at this years E3. While a little brief, the demo is nothing short of spectacular. The game is shaping up to be one of next years "must have titles" and our "downloadable" HD video you'll find above is the proof (not that you needed any). Check it out along with a ton of disgustingly awesome HQ screenshots (below). Note: The demo uses an older build of the game however."

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RudeSole Devil3274d ago

That excerpt image is sick.

RudeSole Devil3274d ago

Looks so sick. Games like this should be instant AAA.

ArthurLee3274d ago

Just finished downloading it, Kratos is a savage. I cannot wait to play this game.

Shogun Master3274d ago

where did you get the demo? gamestop?

ArthurLee3274d ago

Not the demo shogun, the video. its SICK. The demo maybe availble at gamestop. you should call your local idiots and find out.

Shogun Master3274d ago

Gotcha. I think this is on here twice (n4g).

Baron793274d ago

great demo, its pretty long, and just makes me want to play it more.

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