And the best part of Modern Warfare 2 is…

From Video Games Daily: "Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella reveals one of his favorite visual touches in the whole of Modern Warfare 2."

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leper6413275d ago

Dying with anticipation here ;-)

LukaX233275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )


HolyOrangeCows3274d ago

His favorite part of the visuals?

Sounds right for a game that runs natively in 600p (PS3/360). :P

SL1M DADDY3274d ago

If it is the same or better than the first one then it is a win. Sorry, but I don't spend my time in multiplayer admiring the scenery. I do however like to kill suckers that spend their time looking around so please, for my sake folks, spend all the time you want looking around, my M4 and I want to say Hi!

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dirigiblebill3275d ago

Go on then, Zampella, let's see if you can build a whole action game round on of those "favourite visual touches"... ;)

TheAntiFanboy3275d ago

You can't, but what he's saying is that when you put hundreds of the minuscule details together, it all adds up to something much bigger and better.

All of the tiny little details are sometimes what makes a game wonderful. Just seeing that developers put their effort into improving some of the smallest, most insignificant things that we might not otherwise care about.

CrippleH3274d ago

They left out physics, gore, had awful awful textures, last gen animations. Yes tiny details indeed.

ambientFLIER3274d ago

Do you people post BS just for the hell of it? Last-gen animations? COD4 has some of the smoothest and most realistic animations that I've ever seen...It's like you guys pick absolutely random things to hate on just because you're mad about the dedicated servers, or whatever.



@ ambientFLIER

totally agree with you.

I really don't understand some of these guys.

It seems to be the cool thing to hate on the big games ( especially if they are multiplat ) with really stupid reasons.

I hate what activision are doing with MW2. I am 100% in support of the people boycotting the game, but lets not pretend that the game is like worst looking game this gen or has last gen animation etc.

Cod4 had some of the best graphics this gen and everyone was raving about them at the time. even if IW didn't update or make any changes to the engine, that would mean the game just looks and runs the same as cod4, so how all of a sudden is it then taking this leap backwards ?

apart from a few ps3 exclusives this year ( killzone2 and uncharted 2 ) MW2 I believe will still be one of the best looking games this year. It may not be much of an improvement in terms of huge leaps, but how many sequels usually are ? I mean games like uncharted are the exception rather then the norm.

If there are any reasons to be turned off by this game is prob more to do with changes in game play etc.

anyway, as I was saying... Boycott MW2 !

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Edwin853275d ago

Whatever, just so long as there are nukes too

Close_Second3274d ago

...was the first console FPS that made me feel like I was fighting in a dirty, real-world environment. Even with the graphical touches discussed in this posting MW2 still feels forced in terms of a realistic environment. Everything in K2 felt like it had a purpose where as in what I've seen in MW2 it looks like it is there just for effect.

SRU96003274d ago

Yeah, but playing Killzone 2 is about as much fun as being bitten by a rattlesnake, so in the end nobody really cares. lol

Close_Second3274d ago

... admittedly added nothing to the FPS genre but the only low point for me was the final battle. There were so many visually impressive sequences and intense action sequences throughout K2 that they almost cancelled each other out. You were almost numb after playing for several hours.

However, in general most FPS games fail to deliver nowadays, especially when it comes to AI. They all seem to have the invisible checkpoints that once reached will mean enemies will stop spawning. They all force you down a predefined route that no matter how many times you play remains the same.

SprSynJn3274d ago

"Yeah, but playing Killzone 2 is about as much fun as being bitten by a rattlesnake, so in the end nobody really cares. lol"

Really? That is exactly what I feel when playing the Call of Duty series. With Killzone 2 at least the characters move and groove with the terrain. Call of Duty characters always feel so plastered on and detached from their surroundings. You know, like a Hollywood movie.

Chnswdchldrn3274d ago

Wow hes proud of little details when MW2 has outdated ass-graphics


TheAntiFanboy3274d ago

Outdated? They look perfectly fine for our gen. Just because it isn't the best doesn't mean it's bad. I think your standards are too high. The more you look at it the way you do now, the less you'll enjoy gaming on a whole.

Open your mind.

Chnswdchldrn3274d ago

yea I'm sorry for wanting a better looking game without recycled visuals and animations that are from the two year old predecessor. Guess I got spoiled with games like Killzone 2, and uncharted 2...

STONEY43274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I remember when eveyone thought the original looked amazing because all the console gamers were basically just coming out of PS2 era. Now it looks like crap. But I still don't get how it got Best Graphics for PC award at E3 2007 from several sites when Crysis was there too -_- Anyways, MW2 is an improvement over the first one in graphics. The lighting is better, no more of that stupid shiny outline on their clothes whenever there was light around.

TheAntiFanboy3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

We must be looking at a different Modern Warfare 2, because it doesn't look very recycled to me. Only to blind fanboys who need something to hate irrationally.

On the other hand, I love how Killzone 2's wall of poop brown and piss green looked fantastic to you. It was a technical achievement to be sure, but the art style itself was completely uninspired and extremely dreary. In fact, I'm surprised you consider Killzone 2 to be "unrecycled". Bland factory level? Bland desert level? Bland destroyed city level? Is there no end to the originality? You must have extremely flawed standards.

And let's not forget, the story and the characters and the universe were boring as f*ck. At least Call of Duty has a compelling story to tell.

Uncharted 2, on the other hand, was tons better, and tons better-looking than Killzone 2 will ever be. Uncharted overflows with originality and beauty. That is a game I will concede to you as being fantastic.

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