Ones to Watch: Wii and DS for November 2009

Joe says:

"Those of us who made the Club Nintendo Platinum Elite may already be enjoying the first Wii release of the month, Doc Louis's Punch-Out. The rest of you, read on and see what Nintendo has on their little white plate."

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butterfinger3365d ago

C.O.P. The Recruit, and Modern Warfare Mobilized on the DS (online multiplayer on the DS). Of course, I'll definitely be picking up New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

EvilTwin3365d ago

NSMB is a given. Well all know it's gonna rock.

I'm actually more interested in seeing the COD4 port. The graphics will take a hit, but if they combined the Conduit's controls with a better online component and better single player, it'll be worth it, IMO. I'll take better controls over eye candy any day.

...but not seeing any gameplay vids at this point bothers the hell out of me.