Eurogamer: Tekken 6 Review

Eurogamer writes: "If you're looking for the current beat-'em-up champion here in the West, look no further than Street Fighter IV. Upon finally reaching G1 earlier this year, after many hours in championship mode, a glance at the leaderboards revealed I was still ranked below 6000 more dedicated players. Eek.

But in Japanese arcades the popularity contest has gone a very different way. The latest statistics from Arcadia Magazine suggest that Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion has the largest audience, followed by BlazBlue, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, and then Street Fighter IV. When you consider Tekken 6 has been out in Japan since 2007, the continued devotion is even more impressive."

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Sanzee3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )


A 7/10 huh? And coming from a respectable source too...

They may not have dentists, but they do know how to manhandle a videogame... if it has any flaws, the redcoats will be the first ones to let us know. Unlike the corrupted media conglomerates here, the United Kingdom will let us know the truth. No sugarcoating its flaws to increase game sales, or exaggerating those self-same flaws under the payroll of that videogame publisher's rival. Ahhh... there is nothing else quite like it. Afterall, who can resist such a hefty amount of cash... when all that's required is a lower number. Yep. No, I'm not saying this review is an example of what I'm trying to convey... I'm saying the exact opposite. Trust European game reviews... where back room gaming politics do not exist... neither does toothpaste. Ok, I'm only joking here. I visit my family over there once a year. My distant relatives are the owners of Sainsbury's. Wal-Mart is to American grocery stores as Sainsbury's is to english ones. Anyways, way too much information divulged here. Now that you know my last name, I think I'll just cancel my account. Many of the users on here are under 18, some under even 16... armed, dangerous, and willing to start a verbal slapfight after reading a weak insult directed towards their console. Dental hygeine jokes aren't nearly as bad as console insults are... right?

Marceles3272d ago

"And coming from a respectable source too..."

I know you're not talking about Eurogamer lol

Unicron3272d ago

there is no backroom politics surrounding review scores

Um, read their ODST and Ratchet reviews. Then come back and tell me that.

Sanzee3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Did I not convey that Eurogamer WASN'T the one involved in backroom politics? I was praising them you tard. Next time you say something stupid, it'll be "re-tard".

My friend, American gaming journalism is where the sh*t hits the fan. IGN and Gamespot are very... careful when it comes to giving out review scores. Surely you can see where I'm coming from. For aguments sake, let us say that Modern Warefare 2 will not be anything spectacular. In reality, it will, and we all know it. But that's besides the point... just imagine that for whatever reason(s), MW2 will fail to deliver the experience we all want it to be. The fact that so many people will be purchasing this, and the fanbase being as massive as it is, releasing negative information about this product could seriously anger alot of people. But more than anything, it would surrender the financial opportunity available to major gaming journalists like IGN and Gamespot. The hype for this game is going to be huge... people will be visiting IGN every day just because MW2 is on there mind. Advertising costs triple during times like these. Website hits skyrocket! When GTA IV came out, the entertainment industry losts tens of millions of dollars in just one night. Movie theathers were hit the worst. Everyone was off playing Grand Theft Auto IV! Games like Halo 3, GTA IV, and now MW2 provide many unforseen opportunities for those in the gaming industry. Particularily, those who profit from the gaming community. This is worse in America than in any other country. Again, I was praising EUROGAMER because they're not in America... most likely based in f*cking Europe somewhere... and have more integrity than the American media conglomerates do and.... anyways... I'm rambling. I don't even want to proof-read this. If I screwed on saying something, I'm sorry. But it's hard to deny the truth when it's right in front of you. And now... I think I'll go brush my teeth :D

Unicron3272d ago

Well forgive me, I forget which one it was... Edge or Eurogamer, but it basically went like this.

ODST - More of the same! Not innovative. We pride our scores on innovation! 9!!

Ratchet - More of the same! Not innovative! We pride our scores on innovation! 7!

If it was Edge, I apologize, but Eurogamer has just as many backdoor politics as any review company. Why? Because its a BUSINESS like any other. Businesses are focused on making MONEY.

MAGNUM-RAM3272d ago

That when you play scenario mode in Tekken6 you unlock home items?!?

Yes Its True!
I havenet seen that little perk in any reviews yet so Im glad to be the first to tell you all.

Tekken6 unlocks Home Rewards!

i3eyond the Circle3272d ago

I'm having a blast with Tekken.

I do have gripes with what they did with story mode but overall the fighting is good.

Blocking could be better and the Xbox 360 controller for it is no champion but it is manageable.

Installing on your HDD proves effective and laggy games at least on XBL have eased up since launch.