Rumor: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Begins November 19th

DICE indicated last week that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 could get a beta. Today Gamestop outed the beta and even provided a launch date.


Update #1 - Response from the official BFBC2 Twitter.

Update #2 - Response from EA spokesperson.

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InFAMOUS13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

PS3 BETA??? Interesting.... IF this does turn out to be true its good to see EA coming through on their word of showing love to the PS3

EDIT: This is also good news due to the fact that BF:BC and BF:1943 had a lot of issues on the PS3, alot of them being unaddressed

EvilCackle3276d ago

Yeah, I mean it's possible they'll have a similar deals for the Xbox 360 or PC versions between now and November 19th, though.

InFAMOUS13276d ago

Yes most likely. I cant see them not doing a BETA on PC considering thats where their community started. With regards to the 360, well they have a big install base and MOST mulitplat betas are run on 360 so I can diff see it happening

Fishy Fingers3276d ago

I cant see any mention of beta access on their site

EvilCackle3276d ago

Look at the homepage. There's a big "The Deal" advertisement on the right-hand side.

Fishy Fingers3276d ago

Oh, haha, so there is. My bad, I didn't check the homepage. Cheers, +1.

tdrules3276d ago

hoping for a PC beta so ya know, all the features can be properly tested

cronaldo73276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

WOW day 1

Dedicated servers on both consoles and PC FTW

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The story is too old to be commented.