PS Impressions: God of War III Demo, WOW writes: We saw. We played. We were impressed. Very impressed! I can tell you right now, God of War III will be a MUST HAVE game in March 2010 and an automatic GOTY. Kratos as we know him is back, with the scars to prove it running down his stomach. The opening menu shows off Kratos in fantastic detailed graphics as he takes breathes...

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I was playing the demo like 1 hour ago and the gameplay's the same old God of War but with more graphic violence, the graphics are incredible but they definitely not surpass Uncharted 2. -And note that I'm making reference to the demo not the final game. Obviously the final game will be more polished.

One thing that I found strange is that I thought that the game ran at 60fps but it doesn't feels like it... Maybe it was hard to appreciate because you can't move the camera around?

But one thing it's for sure, this game has huge potential. The end of the demo where Kratos jumps into the face of the giant was pure epic.

mrjuandrful3275d ago

I noticed right from the menu that Kratos looked fantastic.

Your comparison to Uncharted 2 is fair but like you said it's the Demo. The game will also be in 60fps, i think this Demo is from E3 so I believe I read somewhere around 30fps for now.

Aww man, don't ruin the ending ;)