Lens of Truth: God of War III HQ Gallery

Lens of Truth writes, "We've got our hands on the soon to be released God of War III demo for the PS3 – the same one that showed up at this years E3. While a little brief, the demo is nothing short of spectacular. The game is shaping up to be one of next years "must have titles" and our "downloadable" HD video you'll find above is the proof (not that you needed any). Check it out along with a ton of disgustingly awesome HQ screenshots."

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CryWolf3276d ago

I hate this lens of Truth web site cause this is also a 360 fanboys site if you look at borderlands and Tekken 6, its cleary looks superior on PS3 but they chosen xbot versions of borderlands,Tekken 6 to win the comparison come on just look a the compartison video.

CryWolf3276d ago

which is superior on PS3 also.

junk-3d3276d ago

Right...clearly better. It is sad how many times this has been said over many threads on the internet. Fact, Tekken 6 does look better on the PS3 when you turn off motion blur. Otherwise, visually comparable.

And as for Borderlands, only the N4G PS3 fanboys will agree with you. Plain and simple, the Xbox 360 version looks closer to the PC. And PC is the benchmark.

evildeli3276d ago

I wanna see God of war on a PC

RudeSole Devil3276d ago

Little off topic here. Also if they hate the PS3 so much then why did they praise Uncharted 2 in their review and gave it a 10. Don't hate because Xbox 360 is the superior hardware.

Sea_Man3276d ago

Your wrong here buddy. Besides isn't your opinion the only one that matters anyhow! I guess other people can have opinions and if they do and it's different then yours then their idiots? You need to chill and get over it!!

Soul Train3275d ago

You name fits you perfect "cry"wolf. LOT are far from unbiased. They gave ODST a 7 which I disagree with of course but i'm just sayin.

Shogun Master3275d ago

You would need a $1000 graphics card to run GoW3 on a PC. I'll stick with MY $299 do everything PS3.

Soul Train3275d ago

now your speaking my languge

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Shogun Master3275d ago

(off topic) just had to say, thats the smartest thing YOU'VE said in a long time...with your one bubble rudesole.

Dutch Boogie3276d ago

AAA epicness all day everyday


Soul Train3275d ago

wow, its a Sony cheerleader!

ArthurLee3275d ago

Thank you for another dumb comment soul train. You are a gentlemen and a scholar.

Sea_Man3276d ago

Wow really awesome screen shots. This games looks amazing!

Baron793275d ago

it is! luckily I had a friend with an "extra" code so I got a chance to play it. It is God of War on Super Steroids and I want more.

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The story is too old to be commented.