Are music games like DJ Hero playing fair?

Channel 4 report on DJ Hero claims that musicians earn just one US Cent from every game sold

Could the video games industry be exploiting musicians – left with little option than to sell their wares super-cheap due to pressures from piracy?

That's the question posed by a Channel 4 News report today, which reveals that a sale of a music game featuring a musician's track earns them just one tenth of what an equivalent music CD would generate.

The feature reveals that musicians earn "around one [US] cent for each [game] sold".

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BiluMaster K's3271d ago

and they should be happy with that cent, and not complain...the game can be stolen too and they can get nothing if they want

Watkins3271d ago

Stolen? You mean pirated? Kinda hard to pirate the guitar/turntable.