Savvy shoppers buy Modern Warfare 2 for £25

Smart consumers are taking advantage of various offers at retail to buy Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for less than half the recommended retail price.

The publisher has been heavily criticised for pushing up the console RRP of the latest from Infinity Ward to £54.99, but a cut-throat retail market is providing consumers with a number of options to avoid paying the inflated price.

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XiaoSet3270d ago

Bob Saget and Steve Ballmer did the whoopie on Brutal Legend and wifes chests.

mastiffchild3269d ago

Koads of retailers are offering the game for cheaper than most releases in fairness even without oversights like this one. Thing is the retailers in the cases like Tesco or Asda are doing so by hoping vast sales will make up for Activision and IW demanding more from them for each copy. Does ANYONE imagine that Acti won't still biew the hike as a success whether the punter pays it or the retailer?

Of course they will and next time the retailers won't suck it up so the smart gamer just won't buy it at all if they don't want all their games to go up in future. Wouldn't buy it new if someone offered it for a fiver as it's still making Acti more than usual and they had no need to squeeze punters or retailers(who are laying off staff too)during a recession and to just do it in the already overpriced EU is even worse. There's knowing you have a product people want and there's being massively greedy and unfair by singling out just one set of people to con.

Not for me I'm afraid.