GamePro: Need for Speed: NITRO Review


"But warn your friends that the controls can be unnecessarily frustrating at times. My initial fears were confirmed rather quickly: swiveling the controller to turn just isn't precise and I wound up wedged against walls more often than I would have liked. It works but not as well as it should. Oh, and if you have friends who are seasoned racing game fans, expect them to roll their eyes at the ludicrousness of NITRO's gameplay -- it's the polar opposite of simulation-oriented games like Forza 3 and Gran Turismo. But then again, they're not the game's target audience, so they can go tighten a lug nut while the rest of us hoot, holler and high-five during the entertaining co-op shenanigans.

PROS: Breakneck speeds in varied (and always-frantic) co-op/competitive races.
CONS: Imprecise controls, muddy visuals and a shallow single-player experience."

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SpoonyRedMage3459d ago

Why didn't they try the other controls then? You can use the Wii wheel style, the nunchuk+Wiimote combo, Classic Controller and Gamecube controller. If they didn't like the funky control system they could have used the normal one.

The also complained about the fact that it's just races.... what do you expect!?

Other than that it was an alright review, I may pick Nitro up for some multiplayer awesomeness.

EvilTwin3459d ago

Seriously. Between this and the reviewer who couldn't be bothered to reconfigure their control options in Conduit, I seriously wonder if GP is actually playing these games for more than an hour to review them.