Google Chrome: fast browser, slow on the uptake


"The launch of the Google Chrome browser a little over a year ago brought with it a mountain of hype and expectations, with some suggesting it could be as instantly disruptive and beneficial as Gmail was to the webmail market."

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Megaton3275d ago

Until they get add-on support of FireFox-like proportions, I'm sticking with FF.

Saaking3274d ago

Firefox is the best. IE is the worst.

MerkinMax3274d ago

Did you have to mention IE? I mean seriously Saaking, do you ever stop the hate? You either mention Xbox, Microsoft or anything you don't like in every post . Are you that insecure? Yes I'm calling you out because you seem like you're trying to start sh!t with every post on this site

Saaking3274d ago

What's wrong with me stating my opinion? IE is the worst browser for me and firefox is the best. Chrome is in the middle. what am I trying to start? This isn't even about consoles.

MerkinMax3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

You're still being provacative with your post. Why even mention it?

Saaking3274d ago

I don't get it. I'm talking about IE. Not the xbox. How am I trying to start anything. there's a lot of paranoid people on this site.

MerkinMax3274d ago

I'm just one of the people who would like to see this site cleaned up. Anyone can look into the Open Zone and see what you're about.

claney3274d ago

Thats what i like about Chrome, its basic and does its job quickly which is to get me from one place to another, if i wanted a browser with a zillion add-ons ill use FireFox, but i also which Chrome would get a few more options that i could change and the the home page i wish i could set to keep certain websites (like a firefox add-on i have used.)

JBaby3433274d ago

You're pretty touchy there. It's not like Firefox is made by Sony or Nintendo. His comment is actually spot on. Firefox is agreed by most people to be the all-around best and IE the worst with Crome somewhere in the middle. You're reading too much into it if you think otherwise.

Unending Punishment3274d ago

Gee Saaking...judging from your comment history I would've expected you to say that PS3's browser kings them all :\

Domenikos3274d ago

U can check any specialized site, tests etc. If u dont believe him

likedamaster3274d ago

As soon as I tried Chrome I never looked back.

sikbeta3274d ago

I never try Chrome because I'm a FireFox Fanboy lol

Anyone knows how good is?

dragunrising3274d ago

I've been using Chrome since it was in beta. Its fast and the interface is excellent. I'm indifferent to Firefox extensions so Chrome is the better choice for me.

Also, not to beat the IE "sucks" drum but does anyone on n4g still use it?

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reintype3275d ago

If they do add add-on support, I hope it's collapsible or on a sidebar.

One of the reasons I hated FireFox and IE was the abundance of add-ons/toolbars, I hope if they implement this feature you get something in the nature of their bookmark manager, like an add-on manager, something you could pull up when you only need it, and not something so obtrusive it takes to many space on the screen.

Kakkoii3274d ago

Uhh... Firefox has an addon-on manager..


Also right clicking in the blank space above your URL Bar gives you an option to customize. And you can then remove or add things to your Firefox user interface. Removing the google search bar for example.

neonlight453274d ago

Firefox is safer than both of them.

Altourus3274d ago

Not saying your wrong, but the data points to chrome being far more secure

theEnemy3274d ago

Google Chrome = Fastest of them all, but poor 3rd party support. And it is also too simple that you can't even control some things you want.

Safari = Not so fast, but the Top Sites is awesome.

Firefox = A bit faster than Safari, best add-on browser ever.

IE = Trash.

Altourus3274d ago

I don't understand the push for addons. Last I heard addons only purpose was to hijack your homepage, slow down website calls, introduce new exploits and bugs, and clutter your address bar. What changed?

3274d ago
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